GoFindMe: Real-Time GPS Tracker Works Without Cell Service

Real-time tracking | Off-grid text & voice | One-button SOS | Safe zone | Trace record | 72h battery life | 4 proofings


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No Cell Networks or Wi-Fi Required.
No SIM Card. No Subscription. No Monthly Fees.

Up to 5 miles(8km) tracking range. Enable Mesh Mode to expand communication distance
Up to 72 working hours on a single charge
Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and withstand extreme weather from -4°F to 140°F
FCC & CE & IC approved and tune to appropriate frequency to comply with local laws

All-Around Tracking Solution for All Outdoor Activities

Real-Time Tracking
Keep track of people by real-time location, direction, distance, and even trace share.
One-Button SOS
One press to send your help request and exact coordinates to teammates even your phone died.
Ultra Portable Design
It’s extra small and lightweight. You can easily attach it to your bags, kids, pets, etc. with a strap.
Encrypted Voice & Text Chat
Freely send text and built-in voice messages to your people anywhere, anytime. 100% secure.
Safety Guarantee
Once you leave the designated safe zone or GoFindMe failed to get your location over 15 minutes, your teammates will instantly receive an alert.
Pin Meeting Place
Pin any place you enjoy as homebase or meeting place on top. All members will be notified at once.

Why GoFindMe Is the Cost-Effective Smart GPS Tracker?

GoFindMe Smartphone Satellite Phone Walkie Talkie SpyTec Garmin
Real-time Location Tracking -
Send/Receive Voice - -
Send/Receive SOS only send only send - - only send
Send/Receive Text - only receive
Send/Receive GPS Coordinates - only receive
Waterproof Rating IPX7 IPX5-IPX8 IPX5-IPX8 IPX7 IPX5 IPX5
72hrs Battery Life - - - - -
Create Multi-member Team - -
1-to-1 Message - -
Group Message - - -
Show Distance/Direction - -
Set Safe Zone (Geofencing) - - -
Set Homebase & Notify All - - - -
No Internet Access Required -
Download Offline Maps - -
Works Anywhere - -
Ultra Portable - - -
Monthly Fee Free $30-$100 $30-$100 Free $25-$50 $12-$100
No SIM Card Required - -
One-Time Purchase - - - -

How to Use GoFindMe?

Automatic Grouping
Bluetooth Connection
Automatic Tracking

Work Anywhere Under the Sky

What Tech Experts Say

The world is almost completely covered by communication networks, and soon more affordable satellite communication will be available worldwide. However, for those times when communication isn’t reliable, the GoFindMe offers an interesting alternative to FRS walkie talkies.
Howard Sneider
Mountaineers and trekkers know that there are some places in the wilderness where no cell phone service works. This tracker can work at that places making it a wonderful product for campers.
Ali Cheema
The tracker works without the need for a subscription or any kind of monthly fee to ensure it's as applicable as possible for the rising number of consumers who are partaking in off the grid travel.
Michael Hemsworth

Tech Specs

Dimensions 130mm*36mm*17mm
5.12" * 1.42" * 0.67"
Weight 85g (battery included)
Material PC, an engineering-grade plastic
Waterproof & dustproof rating IP67
Band frequency 902-928 MHz in the United States, 869.4-869.65 MHz in the EU, tune to the appropriate frequency band and power output for other countries based on the location where it's being used
Connectivity technology Lora radio wireless transmission between GoFindMe devices
Bluetooth pairing GoFindMe with smartphone
3 Offline maps Download Google Satellite Map, Google Map, Google Relief for free
User-friendly APP GoFindMe app runs smoothly on iOS (above 10.0) and Android (above 5.0)devices without unexpected crashes


What’s the band frequency of GoFindMe? 

902-928 MHz in the United States, 869.4-869.65 MHz in the EU. And it can be tuned to the appropriate frequency band and power output for other countries based on the location where it's being used.

How far is the transmission range of GoFindMe?

The point-to-point range is typically up to 5 miles(8 km) with line of sight, 3 miles(5 km) in the downtown. It may change slightly as mountain/ terrain/ weather/ building/ forest/ electric equipment and many other factors may affect.

Can this be used with one person having it linked to a smart phone and the other only carrying a GoFindMe device?

Normally, each will need a smartphone so you can use features like: view location, chat via text, send voice, define safe zone. However, there is one exception: if you only want to use it for one-way tracking of your kid or pet, then you just need to keep one device to yourself and have your kid/pet wear the other; in this way you can carry out the real-time monitoring on your kid/pet via your smartphone and they won’t need a phone at all.

If someone gets lost, can other users get the notification?

YES, if a member’s location is not updated within 15 minutes, all other members will be alerted. Also, the App will show the last known position, so each knows where to find the lost one.

Does GoFindMe SOS button take the place of an official emergency beacon?

No. For either Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) or satellite messengers (like SPOT, Garmin InReach), SOS messages are sent to rescue agencies directly; But for GoFindMe, SOS messages are sent to all GoFindMe users in the same group, so it works entirely differently.  

How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?

GoFindMe battery provides up to 72 hours of continuous use upon one single charge. It uses the standard micro USB port, and takes about 1 hour to fully charge it. You can use GoFindMe when it is being charged.

When and how will you ship my order?

We attempt to ship every order as soon as possible, depending on the inventory status.

1) In-stock items: usually ship within 2-3 business days.

2) Pre-order items: usually depend on specific circumstance, maybe earlier or later.

Please Note: Shipping method may vary for different countries, but mostly we ship by international express service (DHL Express for example), and all packages will be shipped with tracking numbers so you may track packages status. You will receive shipping notification when your order is shipped out. Kindly click here to check your order status

How much does the shipping cost?

Free shipping to all the countries and regions we can deliver to.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

According to your local customs regulation, importing duty fees and taxes may apply. All costs incurred by the customs are borne by customer. 

The amount of duties and taxes vary by your local country. Some countries/regions may charge high amount of importing fees, such as Brazil, India, etc. Please consult your local brokerage agency to get more details.

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