Real-time Location Tracking Even
Without Cell Network

No Networks Needed. No Monthly Fees.
The Ultimate Tracking Solution for Your Exploring Life

The ONLY real-time locator that tracks up to 32 members

Off-grid communication by closed private network. 100% secure

One button to send your SOS request and precise coordinates

Set a safe zone for your kids, the elderly or even wondering pets

Up to 72 working hours on a single charge

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and withstand extreme weather from -4°F to 140°F

Find Your People in Real Time

Real-Time Distance & Direction

Locate your people more easily. Check the position, determine the direction, follow the route - all in a few steps. Always stay connected with your people no matter where you are.

Private Off-Grid Communication

With the closed off-grid network, you can securely send texts and GPS coordinates to others. Or even, you’re free to send instant built-in voice messages when you are in need.

Connect with Your Group Activity

Sync Up Group Activity

GoFindMe is the ONLY locator that tracks up to 32 members. And it will smartly sync up each member’s movement, smarter than you wish.

Pin Meeting Place on Top

Freely set any place you favor as home base or meeting place. Pin it on top and GoFindMe will notify all members simultaneously.

Leave No One Behind

GoFindMe helps monitor your group's every motion. Once any member loses contact, it will alert you and your members that someone was left behind.

Never Lose Your Way and Location

3 Free Off-Line Maps

To avoid getting lost in the wilderness, you’re capable of orientating yourself exactly with 3 detailed offline maps. With the aid of built-in accurate GPS, they help find your way out like a beacon.

Automatic Trace Recording

No need to memorize the route by yourself. GoFindMe provides a useful-yet-smart way to record everyone’s trace. Just glance at the app, all routes are in your hand.




Ensure Safety for Outdoor Activity

One-Button Emergency SOS

Whether you find yourself in a dangerous place or get lost in the deep forest, simply pressing the SOS button, you can send instant distressing message to your teammates for help.

Set a Predetermined Safe Zone

Setting a predefined safe boundary is an efficient solution to keep your people safe. GoFindMe app will alert urgently with flashing light and voice broadcast if anyone exceeded the safe zone.

Keep an Eye on Your Loved ones

Kids, the elderly or pets are your important family members. GoFindMe knows that and helps you monitor their movement history to ensure if they are on the right way. No more worry.

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All-Around Tracking Solution for All Outdoor Activities

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