GoFindMe GPS Tracker

An outdoor GPS tracking device that provides a complete solution of tracking, locating and off-grid communication. It’s perfect for outdoor activities and family use, with no monthly fee.

Always Being Connected with GoFindMe

We simplify the tracking work for you. The all-in-one GPS tracking device keeps everyone connected.

Real-Time Location
Trace Record & Share
One Button SOS
Off-grid Messages
3 Off-line Maps
Safe Zone

Real-Time Location and Trace

GoFindMe GPS Tracker has built-in GPS and other powerful modules, which has ability to transmit GPS coordinates. You can not only see other people’s real-time distance and location on maps, but also record and share traces via Facebook.

SOS for Any Emergency

When you press the SOS button on GoFindMe GPS Tracker, all your group members will get an alert with the location information transmitted from your device. SOS feature still works even when your phone or tablet connected to the GPS Tracking Device is powered off.

Off-Grid Messaging

Due to the long-range radio technology, all GoFindMe GPS Tracker users are in a private, secure network environment. People in a group can off-grid communicate with text & voice messages within the App. Not required Wi-Fi or cell services, no monthly fee totally.

3 Off-Line Maps

To meet different needs of users, GoFindMe GPS Tracker offers 3 high-definition offline maps to use: Google Map, Google Satellite and Google Terrain. You can always locate and find people or pets on maps clearly and accurately.

Safe Zone Set and Alarm

Easily set Safe Zone on maps, making it easier to track your teammates, kids, elderly parents or pets. Once any one of them with GoFindMe GPS Tracker device gets beyond the boundary, you get alerts and notifications immediately.

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How to Get Started with GoFindMe

It’s easy and quick to get started with GoFindMe GPS Tracker.

  • • turn on the device and run the App for the connection
  • • share locations and send messages with each other
  • • send out or receive SOS

Download App to Better Enjoy Your GoFindMe

GPS Tracker for Hiking, Camping and More

It’s time to go outside with your families and friends. Whenever you are going hiking, camping or skiing, get an outdoor GPS Tracker to make sure that it’s a safe trip.

It’s easy to get lost in the wild. Our hiking Tracker provides real-time location and trace, allowing communication between members with encrypted text and voice messages. With the PoI feature, one can pin-point a specific location on maps for target.

If you encounter any emergency or lose touch with others, you can just press the SOS button. All members in the group can receive SOS alerts, notifications and real-time location information, and find you very quickly. All the operations can work without Wi-Fi or Cell networks.

GoFindMe - Your Ideal Outdoor GPS Tracking Device

battery 72h
low temperature -20
high temperature 60

Connect to Each Other with GoFindMe, Enjoy Safe & Happy Outdoor Activities

GoFindMe - Tracking for Pets & Kids

Besides providing the real-time location, GoFindMe GPS Tracker Safe Zone feature is quite useful as well. Now, you can set safe zones and keep an eye on your kids, elderly and pets.

When you leave your pet outside, he actually can wander very far and wide, and then get lost. Simply create safe zones on the map in App, and you’ll get alerts and location information once your pet moves outside of the safe zone. No more worry about wandering pets.

Kids love to be outdoors, or your old parents have a habit of walking or exercising. Do you worry about their safety? Keeping track of your kids or elderly can be easy with GoFindMe. Based on the real-time locations, you can always know where they are.

Set Safe Zones for Kids & Pets

  • Put the device in kid’s backpack or attach to pet's collar
  • Go to “Safe Zone” settings in the app
  • Zoom the map to increase or decrease the safe zone radius
  • Receive alerts when kids or pets move outside the safe zone

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Meet GoFindMe GPS Tracker

Dimensions 130mm*36mm*17mm
5.12" * 1.42" * 0.67"
Weight 85g (battery included)
Material PC, an engineering-grade plastic
Waterproof&dustproof rating IP67
Operation temperature -4F to 140F

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