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About GoFindMe

What is GoFindMe?

GoFindMe is a real-time GPS tracker that works without cell service. By built-in GPS & long-range radio technology, it allows you to stay in touch with people even if your phone fails by rich handy features such as:

 -Real time location tracking

 -Send & receive texts, built-in voice and GPS coordinates

 -One-button emergency SOS 

 -Automatic trace record 

 -Sync up group activity 

 -Set customized safe zone 

 -Pin meeting place or home base 

 -Mesh network to extend connectivity range

What’s the band frequency of GoFindMe? 

902-928 MHz in the United States, 869.4-869.65 MHz in the EU. And it can be tuned to the appropriate frequency band and power output for other countries based on the location where it's being used.

If we’re moving between countries, will the device adapt itself automatically to the geographic zone it is located?

No, it won’t adapt itself automatically, but you will be able to configure this through the App manually to use regulated frequency band and output power.

How far is the transmission range of GoFindMe?

The point-to-point range is typically up to 5 miles(8 km) with line of sight, 3 miles(5 km) in the downtown. It may change slightly as mountain/ terrain/ weather/ building/ forest/ electric equipment and many other factors may affect.

If GoFindMe devices go beyond suggested range and lose connection, will the connection be automatically reestablished once they come within range again?


Which phones does GoFindMe support?

GoFindMe is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones(iOS 10.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above).                                                                                              

Where can I use GoFindMe? Are there any risks if I use it?

GoFindMe works internationally, as long as the area has GPS signal, but of course you need to observe local radio laws and regulations. There are no risks using it in countries we ship to, because we did make sure that it is in compliance with local radio laws and regulations.

How well does GoFindMe work indoors?

GoFindMe is basically an outdoor product. In terms of indoor use, how it performs really depends on the structure and where you are in relation to the other person. The more open, the better; the more walls between you and another user, the more affects those structures will have on range.

Does everyone in my group needs a GoFindMe?

Yes, at least two GoFindMe devices are required to perform its functions.

Can this be used with one person having it linked to a smart phone and the other only carrying a GoFindMe device?

Normally, each will need a smartphone so you can use features like: view location, chat via text, send voice, define safe zone. However, there is one exception: if you only want to use it for one-way tracking of your kid or pet, then you just need to keep one device to yourself and have your kid/pet wear the other; in this way you can carry out the real-time monitoring on your kid/pet via your smartphone and they won’t need a phone at all.

Can I send 1-1 message to other user? Or only group message?

Texts and GPS coordinates can only be sent as group message; but built-in voice messages can be sent 1-1 or group. 

Is our privacy protected when we communicate via GoFindMe?

Yes, it’s private and secure to communicate via GoFindMe, because it’s encrypted communication through 6-digit group code, which is required when you join a group.                                                                                                    

If someone gets lost, can other users get the notification?

YES, if a member’s location is not updated within 15 minutes, all other members will be alerted. Also, the App will show the last known position, so each knows where to find the lost one.

If I forget to bring cell phone or it is dead, can other members still find me?

Yes. At this circumstance, you can simply press the SOS button on GoFindMe, to send your distress call and GPS location to all other members, who will then see all information through their cellphones and find you.

Does GoFindMe SOS button take the place of an official emergency beacon?

No. For either Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) or satellite messengers (like SPOT, Garmin InReach), SOS messages are sent to rescue agencies directly; But for GoFindMe, SOS messages are sent to all GoFindMe users in the same group, so it works entirely differently.  

Who can set meeting place or home base and pin on top?

Everyone in the group.

Who will receive the alert if a member exceeds the safety distance?

The one who presets the safe zone for this member.

Can GoFindMe store and share my trajectory?

Yes, GoFindMe can store and share your routes for your next use.

What certification does GoFindMe have?

GoFindMe has been approved by both FCC and CE.

How does it handle water, dust, shock or extreme temperatures?

GoFindMe is dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and has no trouble handling temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F. It is rated IP 67, meaning that it dust tight, and it is protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?

GoFindMe battery provides up to 72 hours of continuous use upon one single charge. It uses the standard micro USB port, and takes about 1 hour to fully charge it. You can use GoFindMe when it is being charged.

What are the supported offline maps?

3 kinds: Google Satellite, Google Map, Google Relief.

What languages does GoFindMe support?

English, Spanish, German, and French.                                

What is the Real-Time mode in App and when should I use it?

You can customize the location update frequency through the App, selecting from 600S, 60S, 30S, 10S, or Real-Time. Real-Time mode refers to instant location updates. The higher the update frequency is, the more accurate location information you will get, but meanwhile the battery drains faster.

Normally, we suggest choosing the 10S mode (the default Location Update Frequency), which would be enough for most practical needs. However, if you need to enable the Real-Time mode in some cases, we suggest:

- Only enable the device that needs to be tracked in real time to prevent communication conflict.

- Make sure there is enough battery of the device in advance to prevent losing connection due to low battery.

For example, if you want to track real-time location of your kid, we suggest:

1)  For the GoFindMe your kid takes: Connect it with your phone and enable the Real-Time mode.

2)  For the GoFindMe you take: Connect it with your phone but only use the default 10S mode.

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