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Summer Camp Packing List - Essential Camping Gears for Summer

If you are planning a summer camping trip, make sure all the essential summer camp gears are packed. In this article, let’s check this summer camp packing list.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Dec 26, 2019

Going camping can be a meaningful and exciting thing for both adults and kids. Believe it or not, sometimes, there’s nothing can stop people who are eager to explore the great outdoors. Freezing weather or hot summer? That’s not a problem, someone are always getting ready for a camping trip. While if you are planning a summer camping trip, you’ll need to reconsider your camp packing list, and prepare some gears only for summer camping use. Check the following summer camp packing list, and make sure all the essential summer camp gears are packed.

*Some gears and equipment are necessary for every camping trip, so we emphasis on the essential camping gears for summer in the article.


Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Many of you choose to go camping in summer, because of the summer sunshine. It’s wonderful to enjoy summer sunshine, and some of you can’t wait to get the tanned look during the summer camping trip. Keep this in mind, your eyes need protection from the sun. So, do not forget to put a pair of sunglasses on your summer camp packing list.

Here is another important note. Even you want to get a suntan, you should never expose yourself to the sun without any protection. Some findings should be balanced in terms of the skin cancer risks of exposure to the sun, experts cautioned. Or it will easily get burned. So, prepare and slather on your sunscreen if you go camping in summer.

Deet Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is the essential summer camping gear, especially you are going camping in the forests. You enjoy exploring and running in the woods or grassy knolls, so do mosquitoes or other bugs, insects. Apply insect repellent on your clothes and exposed part of the body for protection. Check if the insect repellent on your summer camp packing list. Attention, the common bugspray is not ideal, we suggest you to prepare the insect repellent using deet.

Swimsuit and Swim Goggles

What’s the best part of your summer camping trip? We bet most of your answers are camping pool, lake or sea. Yes, the point is cool water. It’s awesome to kayak in streams, or jump into camping pool or lake. If the campsite you choose offers cool water, then you definitely need to pack at least 2 swimsuits and swim goggles. If possible, you can also prepare a quick dry towel, flip flops and etc.


Laundry Bag & Deodorant

Usually, a camping trip will take at least 2 or 3 days. In hot summer, you have to get changed every day. While, it’s inconvenient to wash your clothes in the outdoors. So, make sure a laundry bag (or more) is on your summer camp packing list, for keeping your dirty clothes away from those clean clothes. Besides, you can bring deodorant as well. Dirty clothes are easy to produce smells, you’d better make use of deodorant to get rid of the bad smell.

Rain Coat or Umbrella

Summer means it may the rainy season (at least, in most of areas). If you are planning a summer camping or are packing for the upcoming camping trip, check and see if the rain gears are on your summer camp packing list. Since you are going outdoors, we highly recommend you to prepare rain coat, which is much better and more convenient than umbrella. Even better, rain coat saves more packing space for other essential gears.

hiking in the rain.jpg

Solar Lanterns or Flashlight

No matter what, solar lantern is a very essential gear for having a beautiful summer camping trip. Firstly, one or multiple solar lanterns or flashlights are useful to produce lights in the open air. Secondly, there are some lanterns come with different colors that can really create a good atmosphere for your camping trip in summer.


Generally, there are many other gears can be added on your summer camp packing list, such as duffel bag, sleep bags, water bottle and more. But remember to try to make your package lightweight. Most importantly, you know how to make choice (what to pack, what to give up) based on your specific needs.

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