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Safety Tips for Hunting with Dogs - Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hunting

It’s always exciting to go hunting with your fluffy friends. This article summarizes several safety tips for hunting with dogs. Let’s learn and see how to keep your dog safe in the hunting trip.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Dec 12, 2019

To increase the chances of hunting prey, and ensure yourself a successful hunting trip, you’ll always choose to go hunting with your dog. Indeed, a hunting dog can not only be your reliable companion in the outdoor environment, but also helps you traverse an expanded terrain. It’s always exciting and effective to go hunting with your buddy, but do you know how to keep your dog safe in hunting?

In the following article, we summarize several important safety tips for hunting with dogs. So, let’s learn and see how to keep your dog safe in the hunting trip.

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Figure out Your Local Hunting Seasons and Where Hunting is Allowed

One of the most important safety tips for hunting with dogs is to figure out your local hunting seasons, also, this is for your own safety as well. The official hunting start & end dates vary from state to state and according to species. In the United States, you can check the official hunting dates for your location on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Generally, being aware of different hunting season dates cannot only help keep your dog safe, but also allows you to take extra precautions without hassle.

Besides, you need to know where hunting is allowed. In most cases, state parks will allow some amount of trapping and hunting. While depends on the regulations of states, some public parks don’t allow hunting. These rules change from time to time, so it’s best to check with your local wildlife service and familiarize yourself with these rules.

Get Your Hunting Dog Bright Orange Vest and Proper Gears

It comes with potential dangers (like mistaking by you or other hunters) if your dog blends in with surroundings or fades into the backgrounds. When go hunting with your dog, get him bright orange vest and proper gears is another helpful tip to keep your dog safe in hunting. Why bright orange vest? It's obvious, dogs that wear bright orange vest (and collar) can be really stand out even in the woods.

If possible, you can also prepare a GPS tracker for hunting with your dog. With this kind of high-tech device, you are able to keep an eye on your hunting dog: track his trace and location easily. There are many GPS tracker devices available in the market, and some of them can offer you more. For example, GoFindMe GPS tracker works without Wi-Fi and cellular service. It allows you to track in real time, and set geo-fence for keeping your dog safe in hunting. Quite useful.

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Keep Your Dog on a Leash, and Prevent from Chasing Wildlife

It’s always good to keep your dog on a leash when you are walking out in any rural areas, or any public land (where hunting is allowed) during hunting seasons. This is definitely one of the most effective ways to keep your dog safe in hunting.

Dogs, or most dogs, are crazy about chasing. Here is another safety tips for hunting with dogs: discourage your dog from chasing wildlife in hunting. For those well-trained hunting dogs, they can be easily recalled. That’s fine. While if your dog doesn’t have a reliable recall, you should prevent him from chasing wildlife instead of giving courage.  


Some Other Helpful Safety Tips

There are some other helpful safety tips for hunting with dogs. Just make sure you keep them in mind, for you and your dog own good.

·         Prepare some reflective collars, vest or leashes for declining daylight.

·         Make sure you get other hunters’ attention, rather than trying to sneak around, especially in wood during hunting.

·         Be aware that your dog can be spooked by gunfire. So, it’s better to train your dog before hunting.

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