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5 Best Pet GPS Tracker with GEOFence in 2019

Afraid of losing your pet? You should equip him or her with a GPS tracker with Geofence, so will get alerted when your pet leaving safe zones you configured.

By Cody | @Cody

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

Pets are good companions to mankind. If you are also a pet lover, you certainly want to make sure your pets stay safe and healthy. These 5 pet GPS tracker with Geo-fence will notify you when your pets too far from home or other safe zones and help you locate your pet.

Losing your pet in a traffic-heavy area or very rural area can dangerous for your pet. If you equip your pet with a GPS tracker, you can see his or her real-time location and never lose your furry friend.

There are a few different types of GPS trackers for pets. Some GPS rely on cellular/Wi-Fi network, some rely on Satellite signals, and others rely on radio frequency technology to make sure you find any cat, dog, or whatever pets you have. No matter what purpose and budget you have for the GPS tracker, you will find a working GPS tracker that works for you here.

Whistle 3 – Best Price

If you live in USA, Whistle 3 is probably a good choice. Whistle 3 relies on 3G Cellular Technology and GPS to track your pet’s location. This GPS tracker uses AT&T carrier to get GPS data, so you can only use this within US border to retrieve your pet’s GPS location.

Whistle 3

You can install the app on your Android or iOS phone. You will need Wi-Fi network to set it up for the first time. Once activated, you can use the app to set multiple Safe Places for your pets from wherever you and get notifications when they leave the safe place. You don’t have to download the app in order to receive the notifications. You can set another phone number to receive text message alerts or email address to receive emails.


Price: $99.99

Subscription Cost: $6.95-$9.99/month

Battery Life: 2-7 days

Transmitter Weight: 50 Grams

Whistle 3 tracker is nice for dogs and cats. The package includes a collar attachment which can be used to attach the device on your dogs or cats and keep track of your pets wherever they go.

Weight: 33 Grams

Pod 3 – Replaceable Battery

Pod 3 is a small and light wearable GPS tracker that allows you to locate your pets and monitor your pets’ activity during the day. Besides the basic GPS tracking, Pod 3 provides a few other functions including Zone Alerts, which is similar to Whistle 3, Adventure Recording, and activity tracking.

Pod 3

The Pod 3 is available worldwide as long as there is 3G/2G coverage. The Pod 3 comes with 2 straps to attach the device and you can attach it to any size collar. What I like about Pod 3 the most is the changeable battery and you will find 2 batteries in the shipping box.

Price: $129

Subscription Cost: $8.95/month

Battery Life: up to 5 days

Transmitter Weight: 28 grams

FINDSTER DUO – for Small Range Tracking

If you only want to track your pets for a small range, you should consider Findster Duo. Findster Duo is a Real-Time GPS Pet Tracker that requires no monthly fees and works when there is no cell service.


GPS coordinates of your pets will be transferred to you via an ISM-band radio signal, so you will need to place the pet module device on the pet and you carry the guardian module device in order to receive GPS location. This device only weights 21 grams, so your pets won’t even feel its existence. You can use it to track up to 3 pets.


Price: $149.99

Communication range: up to 4.8km in open field

Subscription Cost: No Monthly Cost

Battery Life: 12 Hours real-time tracking

Transmitter Weight: 21 Grams

If prefer a GPS tracker device without a monthly fee, then Findster DUO is a good option. If you want a larger communication range and longer battery life, check the next option.

GoFindMe – No Monthly Fee and Works Anywhere

GoFindMe GPS Tracker allows you to track and monitor your pets for 72 hours with a single charge. With three proofing protection, GoFindMe works on any serious environment. It requires no cell service, so you can take your pets to any location for hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or any activities without worrying about cell coverage.

GoFindMe GPS

Besides real-time tracking, GoFindMe pets enable you to send SOS message, view Off-line Maps, set up Geofences, etc. GoFindMe requires at least 2 devices to works. If you have 3 pets to track, you just need to buy 4 devices to track all of them. Unlike Findster, each GoFindMe device can be both date receiver and sender. You can also give one device to your family, so you can also check your family’s location while monitoring your pets.


Battery: 72 hours with real-time track on.

Weight: 21g

Communication range: up to 8 km (open field)

Price: $149.99/2packs

GoFindMe GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking for Outdoors and Families
  • • Track, locate and find people in real time
  • • No SIM card, no subscription and no monthly fees
  • Learn More >

GARMIN ALPHA TT15 COLLAR – with Training Vibration

If you have a high budget and you want to track a few dogs, then Garmin Alpha TT15 is perfect for you. This device allows you to pick up both GPS and GLONASS satellites, which means you will get better and faster reception.


Thе Alpha GPS Tracker does not rely on cellular service and provides up to 14km communication range, so it is a еxсеllеnt choice for any locations. The TT15 collars have a vibration which can be used to train your dogs.

This collar is compatible with a few Garmin handheld devices. If you want to set up a few Geofences, then you can choose Garmin Astro 430 or Alpha 100. If you buy this, it also includes 1-year BirdsEye satellite imagery subscription, which allows you to see your dog both on the standard topo map and also using satellite images in your new Alpha handheld.


Price: $799.99 for the bundle (collar + GPS handheld device) and $299 for the collar only

Communication range: up to 14km for TT15 and 6km for TT15 mini

Subscription Cost: $29.9/year (1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription included)

Battery Life: 20-40 hrs.

Transmitter Weight: 207g


All these GPS trackers have Geofence features. You should be able to choose one according to your needs. If the places your pet usually go or might go have full 3G network coverage, the Pod 3 is good enough for you. Whistle 3 only works for USA.

Findster Duo is for small range tracking like 2 miles while Garmin Alpha TT15available for 9 miles remote tracking and training, but it comes subscription fee and very high price. GoFindMe is overall the best one. You can expect up to 8km communication range and no cell service required.

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