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Offline Map Apps for Hiking, Traveling or Driving

You’d better prepare a navigation solution for your upcoming trip. In this article, we introduce you some offline map apps that are very useful especially when you go hiking, backpacking, traveling or driving.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

A map app is used to find your location or the right way to arrive at a given destination, and normally, it requires data service connection to locate and navigate in real-time. But what to do if you hike in the mountains or travel in other counties that have no data service coverage or the mobile data is expensive?

Check the following article, in which we introduce you some offline map apps for hiking, backpacking, traveling, driving or any other outdoor activities. You can make full use of them to navigate at remote locations or unknown areas comfortably.

 Google Maps - Offline Map for All Uses

Google Maps is considered as the most widely used map app (it’s a default app for almost all Android phones). It offers many useful features, like multiple route planning options, real-time traffic conditions, offline map & navigation and etc.

Simply download maps and save areas within the app (make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to complete this step), and Google Maps will use your offline maps automatically to give you directions when the Internet or data service connection is unavailable. You are able to get directions & routes, use navigations and search for locations with Google offline map app.


The main reason why Google offline map is highly recommended is that Google can provide accurate maps as well as extensive information for more than 15,000 cities in 220 countries. Compared to many other offline map apps that can hardly support up to 100 countries, Google Maps is much more helpful in hiking, backpacking or even traveling, yes, it is compatible with 39 more languages.

Most map apps actually use and are based on Google Maps service, so Google Maps is the top. It is available for both Android and iOS users, and it’s completely free.

Maps.me - Best Travel Map

Maps.me is one of the most popular offline map apps based on OpenStreetMap data, and it is developed and recommended especially for travelers all over the world. You can download maps in advance and then schedule and navigate routes for different types of transportation, completely work offline.


In addition to its reliable offline navigation feature, Maps.me app offers you travel guides with photos & descriptions, and a convenient way to book hotels (available on the map). When you travel worldwide, you can easily find places of interest, or local restaurants by using Maps.me offline map app.

Maps.me is open sourced, so it’s free to use. While there are some ads displayed within the app, and you could pay to remove ads if you are unable to bear them.

  • Free offline maps
  • Informative travel guides
  • Hotel booking
  • Ad-supported

Sygic - Offline GPS Navigation for Driving

If you have interested in self-driving, or you need to drive to some further campsites in California, you definitely can prepare offline GPS navigation for driving use. Here is Sygic, a popular offline map app that is trusted by over 200 million users.

Sygic cooperates with TomTom, the leading provider of navigation and map technology, so the app can guarantee very accurate traffic & map details and guidance. Moreover, you’ll be offered high-quality 3D offline maps which ensure great details of streets and routes. No need to worry about going into a wrong way.


When it’s with Internet connection, you have chance to use these features: voice navigation, real-time traffic information, speed limits, lane guidance, parking lot recommendation, fuel price information, route sharing and add-ons like head-up display, cockpit (show you the real-time performance of your car).

  • 3D offline maps
  • TomTom support
  • Driver-friendly
  • Free version has limited feature, you need to purchase its license to use the app completely

TIP : If you go hiking or camping often, you can try GoFindMe GPS Tracker. The GPS device allows you to track, locate and communicate, and its app offers 3 high-definition offline maps to use.

GoFindMe GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking for Outdoors and Families
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  • • No SIM card, no subscription and no monthly fees
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