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[Infographic] Don’t Miss the 4 Tips on How to Choose a Hiking Backpack before Buying

When you plan a hiking trip, you need to buy a backpack at first then move to consider what to bring for your hiking trip. Well, how to choose the most suitable hiking backpack? Follow this Infographic to see in detail.

By Bennie | @Bennie

Updated on Oct 24, 2019

No matter you want to go camping, hiking, snowshoeing or do any other outdoor activities, you need a backpack. For activities other than hiking, your reference to a bag selection will be more casual. But choosing the best suitable hiking backpack is not as simple as you think. It is an essential gear on your hiking packing list that you need to pay enough attention. Selecting the most suitable hiking backpack is the beginning of your wonderful journey, meanwhile, also is an important support to guarantee your trip will go well.

Go Hiking.jpg

Truly, depending on your itinerary, such as how many days you plan to stay outside and how many nights you will spend there, you may make different choices. Also, you and your companions will make different choices too according to your respective height and gender, etc. Is that all need to consider when choosing a hiking backpack? Yes, but that's not enough.

Here are the most useful hiking backpack selecting tips to help you choose the one most suitable.

Hiking Backpack Choosing Infographic

When you plan a hiking trip, you’d better make a packing checklist for full preparation. Besides the backpack, things like clothing & footwear, food & water, health & hygiene, first aid kit, navigation (maps or GPS) and other hiking extras, all should be included. One more thing to keep in mind, travel light, pay attention to safety and have fun!

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