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How to Find Your Parked Car in 3 Ways

Wondering how to find your parked car quickly? Check this article, and learn how to find parked car with maps on mobile phones quickly in different ways.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

No kidding, someone will really get lost in the parking lot, and cannot find their parked cars. When it comes to you, you have to admit that would be very anxiety-provoking especially when you are in a hurry. No matter you confront this situation or not, you can learn useful information in this article. Let’s see how to quickly find your parked car with maps on mobile phones in different way.

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How to Find Your Parked Car on iPhone

*Since it works with iPhone built-in Maps, this method is available for iPhone users only. With it, you are allowed to mark your car’s location on maps and find where you parked easily.

Before you start, you need to check whether these things have been set properly.

·         Make Location Services and Significant Locations are turned on.

Go to Settings > Privacy > turn on Location Services, and then move on to enable Significant Locations: System Services > Significant Locations

·         Enable Show Parked Location

Go to Settings > Maps > turn on Show Parked Location

·         Your iPhone has to be paired to CarPlay or Bluetooth in your car

Your iPhone will disconnect from Bluetooth when you leave your car. It lets iPhone Maps mark your parked car’s location. If the location mark is not accurate, you are able to edit the location by tapping the car icon or adding an image of where you parked.

Now, follow these steps to find your parked car with iPhone Maps:

Step 1: Open Maps on your iPhone

Step 2: Choose your parked car from the suggestions list by tapping the Search field

Step 3: Tap Directions, and choose your preferred way from Drive, Walk, Transit or Ride. It shows you the route to your parked car location


How to Find Your Parked Car with Google Maps

No matter you are using iPhone or Android phones, you are able to try this solution: find your parked car with Google Maps. It’s easy to setup and use.

Note: Make sure Google Maps is properly installed on your smartphone.

Step 1: Open Google Maps and tap the blue dot (it shows your current location)

Step 2: Choose “Save your parking” from the pop-up menu, and Google Maps will save the spot. You are allowed to edit the location, add photos or notes to help you remember the parked car’s location, and even share the location to your friends

Step 3: When you are going to find your car, open Google Maps and see the location that shows “You parked near here”. Navigate to the location, and find your parked car.

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How to Find Your Parked Car with GPS Tracker

Normally, GPS trackers are used for tracking people or pets. But in fact, it is a feasible alternative that you can make full use of to find your parked car. Among different best car GPS trackers no monthly fee, GoFindMe GPS Tracker comes with excellent features and appropriate size. It can perfectly meet your needs of find parked car.

In general, it takes 2 steps to complete only. Here is how to find your parked car by using GoFindMe GPS Tracker.

*Note that you have to put one tracking device in your car, and you carry around another GoFindMe GPS tracker.

Step 1: Pin your parked car’s location on maps in GoFindMe App. Once you set the location and leave your car, the GPS tracker will record your trace automatically.

Step 2: When you go back to get your car, simply open the trace records and follow the arrows on the map to find your parked car.

The GPS tracking device can work without cellular or Wi-Fi services, and the app is available on both iOS and Android. Never lose your parked car with GPS tracker. But more importantly, you can take other better advantages of the GPS tracker.

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