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How to Find A Lost Dog – Get Your Pup back Immediately

What to do if your 4-legged friend goes missing? Don’t worry, in this article, I will provide some practical tips on how to find a lost dog and get it back immediately.

By Michael | @Micky Pei

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

What to do if you lost your 4-legged friend – the dog? In this situation, it’s inevitable that every dog owner feels stressed out and then, exhausted. The dog is also an important part of our family and missing a dog is like missing a child which bothers you quite a lot.

Luckily, if you’re one of those who lost their dear pup, in this article, you will learn how to find a lost dog by following several practical tips I give.

How to find a lost dog

Put Flyers Where There Are Many People

How to find a lost dog? When you find you’ve lost your pup, the first thing is to put a recent photo of it on paper along with its characteristics including breed, gender, color, and age, your home address and phone number. If possible, make an announcement that anyone finds the dog will get a reward.

Do remember to hold back at least one of the identifying traits of your dog in case of any fraud. If someone contacts you claims to have found your dog, let him tell you in details about its characteristics.

Some best locations to put a flyer are those most densely populated ones like supermarkets, vet, shopping mall, intersection and so on.

Start to Look for the Dog in the Vicinity

According to one survey, about half of missing dogs and 1/3 of missing cats were found by owners searching their neighborhoods.

Most dogs stay close where they’re originally lost. So, go out and drive your car along the street and make some noise like calling its name.

The dog usually stays in sheds or any empty place to hide themselves when they get lost because they are also afraid in the condition. So, remember to check these places near your home.

Meanwhile, if possible, tell your neighbors or any passerby about the dog you lost, there’re chances that they will join the squad to look for the dog. Also, ask letter carriers and delivery people who always wander in the vicinity for they may know some important details.

Contact Local Animal Shelter and Animal Control Agencies

File a lost pet report with every shelter within a 60-mile radius of your home and visit the nearest ones daily if possible.

If there are no shelters near your home, go to the local police department, provide the police with an accurate description and a recent photo of your pup. Notify the police whether you believe your dog is stolen by someone.

Leave Some Favorite Food Outside Your Home

Do you still remember what the favorite food of your puppy is? Leave some outside your home and there’re chances that it smells the delicacy and comes back. If possible, leave the bowl in a humane trap so that they can be caught and found when you return home.

Don’t Give up

There are examples that animal who had been lost for several months finally returned home.

A pet – even an indoor one – has a better chance of being returned if he or she always wears a collar or an ID tag with your name, address, and phone number. Ask the local animal shelter or veterinarian if permanent methods of identification are available in your area.

Take Good Care of Your Self

It is very easy for people who lose their dogs to lose sleep, skip meals, leave normal daily routines behind, and swing from stressed out to exhausted and back again. To the health of yourself, try to take care of yourself while you are looking for the dog. Eat healthy, mediate, and try to get some extra exercise every day.

How to Keep Your Dog from Being Lost

As you can see above, it’s a big headache when your dog is lost and it can take much time and cost much energy to recover your best friend. So, is there any precaution to keep your dog from being lost? Besides using an ID tag or a microchip, there is a much more effective way to prevent your dog from going missing or recover them immediately even it leaves your house accidentally.

That’s GoFindMe – a practical GPS tracker(no monthly fee charged) – which is no bigger than your palm. Just hang it around your pup’s neck and then, it will provide you with real-time information on its location which you can check through the official App even you are far from your 4-legged pal. Moreover, the feature of geo-fencing is supported. You can preset a perimeter for your dog and once it steps out of the line, you will be altered via a notification or a message.

GoFindMe is absolutely a good tool to protect your dog, cat, and even kids from go missing and its user-friendly features allow people of all ages to use it without hassle.

GPS dog tracker

Bottom Line

Losing the dog is a sad thing because the dog is always man’s best friend. How to find a lost dog when it really happens? Hopefully, by reading this article, you can find some useful details to help you recover your pup. Also, as a responsible dog owner, you should learn how to prevent this kind of accident from happening by using some effective tools like GoFindMe GPS Tracker.

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