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5 Best Hiking Tracker - No Monthly Fee Required

GPS tracker can help you find the way and keep communication when no cell service is available. Check the 5 best Hiking tracker with no monthly fee required.

By Cody | @Cody

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

It is terrifying to find yourself lost in the wild and you cannot contact other people for help because your phone has no service. Luckily, you hikers can find a good hiking GPS tracker (no monthly fee required) to help you avoid being in that situation.

In this article, I will show you 5 hiking tracker devices to help you know where you are, lead your way and communicate with your companions without cell service, Wi-Fi, or even communications satellite signal. As you may know, even the A satellite phone will not work everywhere on earth. There are many areas that are physically shielded from the satellite signal, for example, inside of buildings, tunnels, the shadowed side of canyons. 

These 5 GPS trackers for hiker will create its own secret network and allows you to communicate privately, so you don’t have to pay a monthly and works everywhere in the world.

Radacat Team Messenger C1 -the Best Budget Device

If you want to keep it on a budget, the Radacat Team Messenger C1 is a good choice with the starting price at $79. Messenger C1 is a radio communication device that allows you to communicate with others when no cell service and use your phone’s offline GPS for real-time GPS tracking by paring your phone via Bluetooth.

Radacat Team Messenger C1.png

Once paired with the device, you can use the Messenger C1 app to send text and voice messages, share real-time locations to your companions who also hold a Team Messenger C1 device.

The radio transmission range can be expected to be up to 6km in open area and 3km in a congested area, so it should be enough to communicate with your team members when there is no cell service available.

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GOFINDME –Best Overall GPS Tracker

GoFindMe is a real-time GPS Tracker device with built-in GPS. The device alone can be used to receive voice messages and trigger an SOS message in case of an emergency. Others will see your real-time location and rescue you in time even when your smartphone dies.

If you get the app and pair the device via Bluetooth, you can use many other cool features like Off-line Google Map, text and voice Messaging, Geo-fence, etc. GOFINDME is suitable for outdoor adventures no matter how bad the weather or conditions.

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

The available communication range can be expected to up to 8 km in open field or 5km in a dense area. If there are 3 or more members in your group that have the GOFINDME device, you can enable the mesh mode, which is disabled to save battery by default, to expand the range significantly. Mesh mode is disabled by default to save battery. Mesh network allows messages to be forwarded from one GOFINDME device to the next device until it reaches the recipient.

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GoTenna Mesh – Lightweight Device

As its name suggested, GoTenna Mesh also has a mesh network to expand communication range. Unlike GOFINDME, mesh network is always on and there is no voice message available. Paired with your phone, GoTenna allows you to custom the emergency message with the app.

With the app, you can send up to 160 characters message, share GPS locations without relying on cellular service or satellite signal, so there is no subscription fee required. There is a subscription service available from goTenna which allows you to transmit your message via SMS to anyone if one goTenna user in the group has cell service. GoTenna Mesh is priced at $179 with 2 units included.

 GoTenna Mesh

Beartooth – Long Battery Life

Beartooth allows you to use your phone to talk, text, and location data even without cellular or Wi-Fi. The communication range for text and GPS location sharing is up to 8km in open area and 3.2km in a congested area.


Beartooth comes with a 3000mAh battery which lasts 4 days. A charging cable is included in the pack and you can use it to charge your mobile devices. You can order Beartooth now for $249.

Sonnet – Best Extensibility

Sonnet is a new and different GPS tracker compared with other devices. You don’t need to download an app in order to connect the device via Bluetooth. When you turn Sonnet device on, you can connect your device with your smartphone via the internal Wi-Fi network.

Besides text message, you can also send voice recordings, images, and GPS coordinates within your smartphone's browser to any other Sonnet users within range, which is up to 15km with a line of sight (like mountain top to another mountain top), or 5km with no line of sight.

Sonnet GPS Tracker 

Besides a micro-USB port for charging, Sonnet also has a Standard USB port that provides very impressive extensibility. For example, if one Sonnet user has cell service, he or she can share the cellular connection to others within range by connecting Sonnet to a cellular dongle.


As you can see, all these 5 Hiking GPS Trackers with no monthly fee and no cellular network. Each has its pros and cons, and you can choose the device according to your needs and budget. As for me, GOFINDME is the best because it makes me feel safer. If the phone dies, I can still use GOFINDME to send SOS and receive a voice message. Considering the price, GOFINDME is very cost-effective.

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