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The Best GPS Tracker for Car – Track Your Vehicle in Real Time

Is there any hidden GPS tracker for car so that we can track our car’s location in real time? In this article, some top-notch products will be listed for you to refer to.

By Michael | @Micky Pei

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

A hidden GPS tracker for car is a way to know the whereabouts of a drive to make sure they’re driving safely. For example, your kid and the elderly in your home. Some GPS trackers can even monitor the speed so that you know whether they’re driving too fast. Most GPS trackers for car are designed to be concealed and can be placed on any position in a car without the driver notices. In this case, more detailed info can be provided.

There are many things to consider before buying a hidden GPS tracker for car. Now, let’s start with the top 4.

Tip: This device can also be used to track your husband. Many users mentioned they have successfully caught their husbands when cheating.

Hidden GPS tracker for car

Option 1 Spy Tec Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker

Spy Tec is a compact car GPS tracker which you can place on a car or even in your child’s backpack to monitor his or her driving habit or have information of his or her whereabouts. The GPS tracker is fit on the best or the OBD system and works over the internet providing any detailed information of activities, that is there whereabouts. Spy Tec also features the Geo – fencing functionality which gives you an alarm when your target steps beyond the line you preset.

Spy Tec

  • Information including driving speed is included
  • It can store data over a long period of time on cloud services
  • Monthly fee is charged
  • Can only be connected inside a car
  • Some users complain the battery life is not long enough
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Option 2 MOTOSafety Hidden GPS Tracker for Car

This GPS tracker for car literally performs as a driving coach. It provides data like fast acceleration, over speeding, or hard braking and will deliver these information as alert. In return, it improves your teens’ driving habit. The hidden GPS tracking device can be used to fuel set and had curfew alerts .

The updates take place in real-time. The frequency claimed is every second so you have the ability to follow the speeding target.


  • Support 3G network
  • Geo-fencing available
  • Accurate
  • Monthly fee charged.
  • Inaccurate analysis of driving behavior, for instance, in accurate speed alerts.

Option 3 Trackmate

This is a hidden GPS tracker for car which you can place beneath or inside a car. No monthly subscription required. Purchase and install Trackmate to start tracking. It updates every 3 seconds, giving information about the tracked person’s whereabouts.

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Meanwhile, other features like geo-fencing alerts, back-up battery, power failure alert system and so on are also supported.


  • Can be placed anywhere in a car
  • Concealed and nobody will know where it is
  • Designed with resilient materials
  • Complicated to install or mount
  • Getting vehicle data through their web is cumbersome

Option 4 AMERICALOC GPS Tracker Device for Car

This device uses 3G technologies for recording or transmitting data. It’s small, simple and ready to be used right from the box – no writing or plugging is required.

It’s equally good for various types of vehicles, backpacks, cases, and any other things you want to keep an eye on.

The battery life of this GPS tracker device is really amazing because it can last for weeks without being charged and when the charge is low you will be prompted with a notification.

The battery is also rechargeable so you don’t need to constantly buy batteries.

One more advantage is that the data is stored in the cloud and allows recording one-year history.


  • Simple handling
  • Small and concealable
  • Cancel the subscription anytime
  • Sometimes there is inaccurate alerts
  • The update may take longer than expected

Bottom Line

This time, I have introduced the top 4 hidden GPS trackers for car. Hopefully, after detailed investigation through the article, you have determined which one to choose.

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