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A GPS Tracker Helps a Lot If You Get Lost While Hiking

Tomorrow and unexpected things, nobody knows who come first, especially when you put yourself in an unknown environment. Check this post to see what a GPS tracker can help you when getting lost outside.

By Bennie | @Bennie

Updated on Oct 24, 2019

In the July of 2019, according to ABS news report, a missing hiker in California who went vanishing with her dog named “Miley” has, since last Friday to next Monday, been found alive in Inyo National Forest, after missing almost 4 days. The ABC News followed up with a detailed report on this news. After learning a range of reports about this missing hiker, thanks for god that they were found alive and safely be home and reunited with families. Many people commented that they should carry a GPS tracker with them when hiking out, which would be greatly helpful. Yes, I think so. This article will show you what a GPS can benefit you if you get lost outside.

Overview of This Missing Hiker News

Sheryl Powell, 60, of Huntington Beach, California, and her husband, along with their small dog Miley, arrived at the Grandview Campground in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest area of the Inyo National Forest on Friday afternoon for a weekend camping trip. Actually, both of them are experienced hikers. However, they still not pay enough attention to the unknown surroundings. You see when Sheryl along with her dog for a walk lonely, the unexpected happened. They were fleeced by a man with a knife. After she successfully found a chance to flee, she and her dog also ran separately. What’s worse, she got nothing with her, no phone, no GPS, no water, no food, no map, etc., and finally, no Miley.

A Missing Hiker in California Has Been Found.jpg

Fortunately, she is an experienced hiker and knows how to survive in the wild. She located water and ate cactus to survive, traveling at night to avoid becoming dehydrated until the searchers found her. And luckier is that her dog was also be found alive about 2.5 miles from the lost known location.

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Why You Need an Outdoor GPS Tracker

Yeah, Sheryl was really lucky, successful escaped, well survived and being found safely. However, not everyone is so lucky. In April this year, another missing hiker named Kat Hammontre and her dog tootsie went disappeared in Mexico after she separated from her group to rest because of her hurting toes, having not been found. Many people said it would be nice if she brought a personal GPS tracker. That’s true. What a GPS tracker can help when you go out for hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing or whatever? Keep reading.

1. Helps to know where you are

Sheryl has told ABC News that she wasn’t sure where she was because she had been running out of fear. In this case, you can see the benefit of a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can help you to know where you are that will greatly reduce your fear and make you ease if you lost touch with others.

2. Helps to know where to go

Once you know where you are with a GPS tracker, then you’ll know where you should go next. A place where people gathering, with hospital and police station such as towns or villages where you can get supplies and help, and where your family can find you more easily.

3. Helps to learn surroundings

Before been found, you may need to be outdoors alone for a long time after you lose contact with others. Like Sheryl, she spent four days out there alone. At this time, a GPS can help you learn your surroundings, for instance, the geographical location, sea wave height, mountains, rivers, plants, and animals, etc., and most importantly, the route you are going to take.

4. Helps to send SOS message

Some GPS trackers designed with one button SOS feature that enables you to send help message as convenient as possible, such as a reliable one called GoFindMe. When you press the SOS button on GoFindMe GPS Tracker, all your group members will get an alert with the location information transmitted from your device. It works even in the forest or areas with no cellular service.

GoFindMe GPS Tracker with One Button SOS.jpg

TIP: Besides one button SOS, GoFindMe is such a hiking GPS tracker that featured with geo-fence for setting a safe zone, making it easier to track teammates, kids, and pets. Once any of them with GoFindMe GPS tracker device goes beyond the boundary, you get alerts and notifications immediately. Imagine that, if Sheryl’s husband gets an alert when she and her dog get beyond the safe zone, she wouldn’t spend so many days in the remote area alone.

5. Help your family or researchers find you easily

When you get lost in outside, your families are definitely worried about you the most. Just like Sheryl’s son told ABC News that it was the lowest point they had been, it was scary for them. Truly, your families are dying to know where you are and if you’re safe. If you bring a handheld GPS tracker letting them always know where you are or just send a location if you have any chance, which will be great helpful for them or researchers to find you soon.

The Bottom Line

From all kinds of news about missing hiker, you should know the importance of bringing a GPS tracker when you go hiking, camping, road trip, etc. Unexpected things or unknown potentially dangers are a great deal more involved than what you might have imagined at first. You see, even experienced hikers like Sheryl and Kat Hammontre may also get lost while hiking. So, it is indeed necessary to know how to avoid getting lost when hiking and what to do if you get lost.

Nobody wants to get lost, but, nobody can assure this won't happen to you someday. Nowadays, most GPS trackers are designed to be light, small and portable, like GoFindMe. If you don’t know how to choose the best GPS tracker for your trail, then you can get some suggestions from this best GPS trackers review.

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