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GPS Trackers for Keys - Find Your Lost Keys Easily

It’s quite common but stressful to lost keys. Read this article, in which we list top 3 GPS trackers for keys and learn how to easily and accurately find your lost keys with the wireless technology.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

Nowadays, GPS technology is commonly used to simplify our daily life.  Track and find missing things can be much easier and more accurate with GPS trackers. In addition to the GPS tracker for kids, pets or cars, there are GPS trackers for keys actually. Sometimes, you really cannot remember where the keys are placed, and search house or office for hours without success.

If it often happens and you don’t want to be bothered by losing keys, a GPS tracker for keys is the simplest and complete solution for you. Check the following list of top 3 GPS trackers for keys, and learn how to make your option, and how to find your lost keys easily with the wireless GPS technology.

1. Tile Mate - the Best Key Finder

The Tile Mate is regarded as the best key finder throughout the marketplace. The Bluetooth-enabled tracking device comes with tiny size, and you can attach it to your keys via the designed keyring hole simply and conveniently.

To find keys you put the Tile Mate on, you can open the app, click on keys icon and hit the Find button. Tile Mate key finder will ring if it’s within the range. You follow the sound, and find your keys. What if the tracker is out of the range (45m)? You are allowed to check the map on app for its last know location. New Tile Mate has 4 preset ringtones, so you can customize the ring to distinguish your keys from other items.

Even better, this GPS key tracker works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, you are able to make the tracker ring and find your keys via voice commands. Tile Mate guarantees 1-year battery life (replaceable battery), and the price of this reliable GPS key tracker starts from $25.


2. Chipolo Classic - Stylish Tracker for Keys

Chipolo key tracker is small enough with only 1.38in size, and can be easily attached to your key rings. It ensures you an easy way to find your lost keys. Click “Ring” button from the app, the device makes 92dB loud melody, and then the keys are found. Chipolo Classic key tracker supports voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

Compared to the Tile Mate key finder, Chipolo offers the further range (60m), but its batter life is shorter (9 months replaceable). Additionally, this key tracker is available in 6 different colors, including blue, yellow, red, white, black and green. Now, the provider released Fruit Edition (lemon, watermelon, kiwi and dragon fruit). This key tracker is a great option to make your keys (or other items) stylish. Chipolo fashion, loudest key tracker’s price starts from 25 .

chipolo key finder

3. TrackR - Cheapest Key Tracker

For anyone who is interested in getting a key tracker at the lowest price, here is the right one. TrackR is the cheapest GPS tracker for keys. The price of this tracking device is only $11.99 on its official site. TrackR is inexpensive, but it still provides you with useful features to locate and find your keys easily.

The coin-sized tracker is easy to be attached to your key. You can use its app to make the device ring loudly. But it can not only makes sound, but also lights up (LEDs). So you can easily find your keys via ring as well as flash light. TrackR takes a standard replaceable battery.

However, this key tracker has 2 obvious shortcomings. Firstly, its available range is up to 100 feet (around 30m) while this is below average range level. Secondly, it has no voice control support. Overall, the inexpensive price and essential tracking feature make TrackR a good alternative to the Tile Mate or Chipplo.

trackr gps tracker for keys

How to Choose a GPS Tracker for Keys

When choosing a key tracker, you’d better look into the following important features.

·         Size: the tracker’s size must be small enough to be attached to your keys conveniently.

·         Volume: always choose a key tracker that can ring louder.

·         Range: how far away you can get from the key tracker before it disconnects

·         Battery life: a key tracker’s battery life lasts several months and even a whole year. It’s better if the battery is replaceable.

·         Others: if a key tracker can guarantee you more: the support of Alexa or Google, different color options, waterproof or not, location history record, flash lights or others.

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