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The Best GPS Apps for iPhone – Go Wherever You Want with Ease

In a strange place or a place you have never been to, you don’t know how to get to the destination you want? In this case, the best GPS Apps for iPhone comes to the rescue. Here is our pick of the top products for you.

By Michael | @Micky Pei

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

When in an unfamiliar place or somewhere you’ve never been, it’s not so pleasant to keep asking where the destination is. In this case, you need a GPS system. However, to carry a GPS device is inconvenient and the device itself can be expensive. Luckily, there’re many GPS Apps available on the market for you to use without breaking the bank. So, in this article, the best GPS Apps for iPhone will be given along with the introduction of their useful features and functionalities.

GPS Apps for iPhone

Option 1 Google Maps – The Best GPS Mapping Apps for iPhone

This is the most reputable and one of the earliest GPS mapping Apps for iPhone released in 2007.

It has multiple modes of transport for destinations and navigation as well as automatic rerouting in navigation to make sure you can arrive wherever you want accurately and on time without missing any spot.

It boasts the feature for street view and indoor imagery so that users usually have an intuitive view on where they’re going to. Besides, offline use is also supported. You can pre-download the map content for the way to the destination so that you won’t get lost even when there is no data or Wi-Fi signal.

Google Maps

Option 2 Apple Maps – Trustworthy and Reliable

Being a successor to Google Maps which was released in 2012, in the beginning, Apple Maps didn’t come as a satisfying figure for its bugs and errors. However, as time goes on, the App has been improved quite a lot with new features added in.

Besides turn by turn instructions, one of its features I most like is Flyover – letting you view 3D structures of the destination so that you can visually understand what it looks like out there.

Meanwhile, App Maps also provides real-time traffic info telling you where there is a traffic jam when you go home from work. Detailed driving and walking instructions are also given as bonuses.

Along with the update of iOS, now, Apple Maps has perfectly integrated with Siri and so, voice control and other related features are available. Traffic info is displayed on the lock screen so that you don’t need to unlock your phone every time when driving.

Apple Maps

Option 3 Waze – Help Others by Sharing Traffic Info

Waze is famous for its community based feature. Users are able to share traffic information via the App, for example, if you’re unluckily involved in a traffic jam, you can tell other drivers via the App. Events like accidents, hazards, and road closures are also reported by it.

Waze also tells you some useful information on the road, for example, where to get fueled and the nearest supermarket you can go to and also, turn-by-turn voice navigation is supported in the App. The automatic rerouting of the App avoids you from missing a road and go to a wrong place.

And when you have an appointment with your friend, you can send ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to him or her. However, one of its downsides is that you can’t know your friend’s location due to privacy policy. It only allows seeing friends who are on the way to a shared destination.


Option 4 Here WeGo – Seems Good for Travelers

Originally, this Nokia developed App is called Here Maps.

It supports multiple modes of transport for navigation. And also, you can save maps for offline use in order not to get lost when there is no Wi-Fi or data connection. The offline functionality includes street info.

This App is extremely good for travelers in a new city. If you’re planning to use public transport, It provides information about taxi fare and the price of the ticket for the place they want to go to.

It boasts it prefect integrations with other popular services like TripAdvisor, BlaBla Car, Expedi, and a lot more.

Here WeGo

Option 5 Maps.ME

This is a very powerful GPS mapping APP. It boast its support for up to 345 countries and islands. In other words, the chances are wherever you go, you have access to the GPS system.

Maps.ME is extremely good for travelers and tourists. It contains detailed maps, restaurant locations, tourist destinations and gas station locations.

Moreover, this App also supports map download for offline use.


Bottom Line

These are the top 4 best GPS Apps for iPhone. Nowadays, GPS Apps are gradually becoming a necessary part in our life. They prevent you from getting lost or being late for work due to traffic. They help you avoid as much traffic as they can.

As usual, kindly, please share with us your favorite GPS Apps for iPhone if you have so that we can have a review for it.

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