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Top 5 Free Tracking Apps for Cell Phones That You Deserve

Are you looking for free tracking apps for cell phones? If you don’t know which one you should download and install, just check the 5 best free tracking apps for cell phones.

By Joy | @Joy

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

With the rapid development of technology, most of the daily worries we experience each day are now being eliminated as tech-savvy devices, like free tracking apps for cell phones, help us make every day easier than before. You no longer have to worry about your smartphone being stolen, your child coming home from school, or yourself getting lost while hiking or mountaineering, because these free cell phone tracking apps can help you monitor the location accurately and can be used worldwide.

free tracking apps for cell phones 2019

Actually, there are lots of apps can track the location in real time, but not all of them are made the same. It always takes some time to try a few and find one that suits your needs. If you are now facing a challenge of determining which app is the best, just check the top 5 free tracking apps for cell phones we list in the article.

Part 1. What Can Free Tracking Apps for Cell Phones Do for Us?

The cell phone tracking app is quite useful for people who want to exactly know what their children or employees are searching and performing while online. Parents can download and install these totally free mobile tracking apps on their kids' phones to learn about their latest activities. Here we list the main use of phone tracking apps:

Media access: These mobile tracking apps allow you to access Videos and Photos on the target cell phone.

Social media apps: Sometimes you may wonder what other people are hiding. All social media apps such as Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp messages and Photos, can be easily accessed by using spy apps.

GPS location: With GPS location, you can easily track the real-time location when you are outside of office or home.

Voice recording: Voice recording enables you to remotely record the voice of a target smartphone user while he or she is talking.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Tracking Apps for Cell Phones

In the following section, we will show you the 5 best free tracking apps for cell phones. They are quite useful for monitoring your lost phones or the location of your child.

1. Glympse

Glympse is a free and fast cell phone tracker app that can run on Android and iOS devices. It allows you to share GPS location with your family and friends, which means that both of you and your friends can send location to each other as long as both of you have installed this app into the cell phones. With Glympse, you can let your spouse know your ETA when you will be home from work, or let your family know you are safe while running outside, or direct the roadside personnel to you quickly, etc.

Best Free Tracking Apps for Cell Phones


Easy: no sign-up required

Live: share location in real time with dynamic map

Open: share with anyone who has also installed the app

Global: works anywhere you have a GPS and a data connection

Compatible OS: iOS and Android devices.

 2. Family Locator - GPS tracker

Family locator is the family tracker, children safety and emergency alerts app designed and developed by Life360. Thanks to this free app, you can track your stolen or lost cell phones, see where your family members are right now, know when your kids leave schools, receive alert if they go where it is not safe, and much more. It can also allow you to geofence a place to know when they are out of the range.


High quality positioning is guaranteed

Invisible mode for parents

Protect the privacy of your family

Receive alerts when your kids arrive at some unsafe areas

Geofence a place

Battery consumption optimized for daily usage

Compatible OS: Android and iOS devices.

Top Free Tracking Apps for Cell Phones

 3. Free Cell Phone Tracker

The Free Cell Phone Tracker can work both on Android and iOS system, allowing you to track your lost cell phone, family members, even the vehicles. After you download and install this free tracking app for cell phone, you can track your mobile phone from anywhere via online device if your phone is stolen. If needed, it also helps you know how far away your family members are, or even where they are. You can also set alerts to your mobile phone with its geo-tracking feature so that you can receive notifications when your kids have arrived at school or your staff starts working.

Free Cell Phones Tracking Apps for


Tracks your phone, kid or vehicles in real time

Also tracks SMS messages

Geo-tracking is available

Set alerts

Communicate between users

Compatible OS: Android and iOS devices.

 4. Geo Tracker

If you are a person who enjoys outdoor activities, like hiking, backpacking, etc., the Geo Tracker app would be a good option for you to prevent you from getting lost while traveling. It can also allow you to reflect back on your route through a step by step tracker, including the ability to mark your journey’s landmark points. Furthermore, it can calculate your average speed, maximum and minimum altitudes, vertical distance, ascent, change of speed, and total time. Most importantly, if your phone runs out of battery, you do not need to worry about this app not documenting your progress as it will still work when turned off.


Can make the reverse journey in an unfamiliar area without getting lost

Use other people’s route that is stored in GPX or KML

Mark important or interesting points of your journey

Be able to record when switched off

Calculate track statistics

Compatible OS: Only Android devices. 

Free Cell Phones Tracking Apps for 2019

TIP : In general, it’s quite difficult to get a good signal while hiking in the mountain, so you’d better get a GPS tracker that can work well without network.  GoFindMe is designed to realize the real-time location monitoring, geofence settings, text or voice transmission, even SOS rescue, etc. under the condition of no signal.

5. Find My iPhone & Android Phone

Find My iPhone & Android Phone is an application that is designed for parents to locate the devices of their kids or track the lost or stolen iPhone or Android phone. If you can’t find your mobile phone or incessantly search for your phone, this app allows you to simply log into the website on another device and track your phone’s location. You can pinpoint the location even if your phone has been switched off after it has been stolen. Its location function to find friends has also been highly recommended among users, especially at night when you don't want to walk the streets alone.


Easily monitors the live location of the target device or people

Keeps tabs on a lost phone with real time location updates

Locates your phone on a map

Remotely locks your device with a passcode

Battery charge indicator

Get driving directions to device location

Compatible OS: Android and iOS devices.

Bottom Line:

With free tracking apps for cell phones, you can easily track your lost or stolen mobile phone, receive notifications to check the real time location of your kid, even track your route while hiking or backpacking. Choose the one that works for you. If you enjoy hiking, climbing, skiing, etc, also consider getting GoFindMe to monitor the real time location, trace the record, off-grid message, and much more.

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