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7 Family Camping Gear That You Should Have in 2019

If you love camping, you should have these family camping gear in 2019, so you can enjoy the camping more and feel more secure.

By Cody | @Cody

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

Family camping is a fun, affordable and good way to deepen the bond among family members. It allows you and your family to get fresh air and embrace the natural world. To ensure you stay safe and have fun, check these family camping gear that is worth buying in 2019.

BATTOP Pop Up Tent

If you have been trying to find the right 4-season camping tent that would fit your family, then your search is now over when you meet BATTOP Pop Up Beach Tent. Most tents take forever to set up and come with so many pieces, at first you may find it hard to set up.

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Battop Tent

With BATTOP Pop Up Beach Tent, it is a much different story. You just take it out of the carrying bag and it pops up in seconds with the need to assemble it piece by piece. The tent has a 190 T silver coated anti-UV fabric, so you can enjoy your time without ultraviolet for all-day shade It is also non-toxic and odorless so it's safe for kids or even toddlers.

With a strong steel beam frame and wind comprehensive design, the tent is durable and steady against a strong wind. The tent materials are waterproof that can help you stay dry in some light rain. It is not recommended to use it in heavy rain.

The has mesh windows and even interwoven mesh, so you and your family can stay cool and easily ventilate in the inside of the tent. It is big enough for 2 adults and 1-2 children. With the four fixed holes and sand bags the tent won't blow away and windy weather.

Titan Extra-Thick Sleeping Bag

Titan Extra-Thick Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag is designed for NASA space exploration and heat retention. You should include it in your camping and hiking Survival Kit. Made from extra thick Mylar, this sleeping bag is 41% thicker than the regular ones to keep you warmer in emergency situations or any extreme cold weather conditions.

Sleep Bag

It is also recommended to keep one of these in your car because you will never know when you will get stuck on the highway. The seams are all sealed with tape, so you can also open up the bag to make a shelter in the wild. The only problem is that it takes some time to get it back into the included bag, which is the similar size of your palm.

UST Fire Starter Kit

A good camp deserves a campfire, so you need to bring a fire starter tools to build a campfire. I recommend this UST Fire Starter Kit 1.0. The Fire Starter Kit also comes with fire tinder. fire-starting materials are protected in the watertight case, so you can use it to start a fire in any conditions.

Fire Starter Kit

Arkadia Alta 21 Backpack

Made with ultra-strong fabric, Arkadia Alta 21 Backpack is 100% waterproof and remain ultra-lightweight. As its name suggests, this backpack can hold 21 litre of stuff and yet it can be packed down to fit in the palm of your hands. Thanks to the newly improved compression stuff sack, it only takes seconds to get the bag in and out.

Arkadia Alta 21 Backpack

The top lid is totally detachable, which is very convenient when you only need the essentials. The backpack also comes with inflatable back support that creates a more rigid bag when you need it. You can also take it out as a seat cushion or a headrest.

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Coghlan's Expandable Water Carrier

Sometimes, your campsite is too far away from the water source, so you need something that is easy to pack and easy to carry both empty and full. This Coghlan’s expandable water carrier works great. At first, it seems small, but it can contain 2.4 gallons of water.

Water Carrier

As you fill water in it, you will see the carrier expand. If the water is muddy or dirty, you may also want to carry or make a water filter to filter the water before. It has a tap, so you can easily get water out when you want to use it.

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern

A camp lantern makes night supper easy whether you want to read or look for something. I recommend Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern. This lantern has 18 individual low powered LED bulbs that can lit up a very large tent. The light lasts up to 37 hours on regular light for a single charge.

The lantern also comes with a fan that has high and low settings to provide nice air circulation. On the low setting, the fan only creates a faint breeze, but on the high setting, you can feel the air on your face from 6-7 feet away.

GoFindMe GPS Tracker

Communication is crucial for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. While camping, there are some places where there is no signal. It is time when GoFindMe GPS tracker comes into play. You can simply connect GoFindMe to your smartphone through Bluetooth and it will turn your smartphone into a powerful GPS and communication machine when there is no signal or internet.

Navigation and Communication Device

With GoFindMe app, which is available in Android and iOS, you can receive and send voice or text messages. Its signal can reach up to 8KM using text messages. It also comes with a antenna which can dramatically increase the communication range.

GoFindMe is a waterproof ourdoor GPS tracking device. The special surface material that can prevent any kind of liquid damaged or dropped in while keeping your communication safe and smooth. You can also send real-time location an SOS message to all GoFindMe users with one button push when needed.

GoFindMe GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking for Outdoors and Families
  • • Track, locate and find people in real time
  • • No SIM card, no subscription and no monthly fees
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