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The Best Car Tracking Devices – Knowing Every Turn A Car Takes

Worry about your car’s safety or just want to know where your son drove? A car tracking device is needed in this case. In this article, some GPS tracking devices for cars will be introduced for reference.

By Michael | @Micky Pei

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

By using a tracking device, we’re able to know a great number of info. For instance, for hiking fans, they can get the information of teammates’ real-time locations; For parents, they can know where their kids are if they always worry about the sons’ or daughters’ safety; For couples, they can know whether their spouses are cheating by tracking their locations. But this time, we’ll learn more things about the car tracking device – what can it do for us and which product should we choose? In the following article, some top car tracking devices will be listed for reference.

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How to Choose A Car Tracking Device

Small in Size

Honestly, a car tracking device is originally a spy tech used to track another person’s car without being noticed. So, it should be small enough in size that can be discreetly mounted anywhere in a car.

A Reasonable Price

A car tracking device for family use should not be too expensive. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can choose the ones without monthly fees.

Usually, a GPS tracking device based on satellite or cellular requires a monthly fee charge while the ones based on wireless transmission don’t.


A car tracking device with good reliability should be accurate. You won’t want to get lost when in a dense forest due to a wrong guide. In this case, the accuracy of a GPS device is very important.

Option 1 Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Car Tracking Device

With unique satellite technology, Spy Tech provides you with the real-time information on the target car’s locations as often as every 5 seconds on a digital map, with which you can know where the car’s current location is or which turn it takes. Although it seems inevitable to charge monthly fees for the satellite service, this is still a cost-effective functionality.

This best car tracking device is small enough for you to hide or mount it anywhere in a target car without anyone notices, definitely a good choice for a spouse who suspects the husband or wife is cheating.

By using Spy Tech, you can also geo-fence a car. Once it runs out of the perimeter you confine, you will be alerted by text or email. You can get all the information from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you have a capricious teenager in your family, it’s always good to know whether they have gone too far from home with this tool.

  • Fast update
  • Small in size
  • Monthly fee charged

Car tracking device UK

Option 2 GoFineMe GPS Tracker for Car

Unlike many of its counterparts, GoFindMe requires no monthly fee and it’s able to work when there is no Wi-Fi signal or cellular service.

It covers a range from 5 km in a dense filed up to 8 km (the mesh expands the circle even further) in a dense field which is pretty enough for users who live in a small town. It is a GPS tracker for car with App. Real-time location info will be sent to the App you pre-installed on your iPhone or Android.

You can also set up a geo-fence with this product and get alerted once the car crosses the line.

Besides car tracking, this tool can be also used for other purposes including hiking, adventure, traveling, and child safety. If there’re several users, a team leader can be designated to set up a group where they can share voice or text info with each other. Moreover, the SOS alarm can also be triggered in an emergency.

  • Small enough
  • Good looking 
  • No monthly fee charged
  • The distance covered is short

Car tracking device for cheating spouse

Option 3 GPS Tracking Key – The Black Box for Cars

Similar to a black box in an airplane that records speed, height, and each turn made, GPS Tracking Key also helps to record car’s speed, location, turns made and even provides data over satellite imagery.

Basically, GPS Tracking Key is a GPS data logger. So, it doesn’t provide any real-time information on the target but doesn’t charge a monthly fee either. Users need to remove the device from the target car and plug it into their computer to download the data. Once the data has been transferred from the device to PC, users can view the tracking data in 3 different ways.

1.       Digital Secret Map Program: Where users can playback historical driving activity.

2.       Detailed Reporting Program: It provides every stop the car made and all travel history in a text/report.

3.       Google Earth Satellite Image Program: It displays travel data over satellite imagery, allowing users to see where exactly the driver parked or the color of the house where the drive stayed overnight.

  • No monthly fee
  • Accurate
  • No real-time tracking supported

Best car tracking device

Option 4 MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker – Best for Parents

You can directly plug this device into your car’s ODB outlet without any wiring. MOTOsafety GPS Tracking Device for Cars is another well-reviewed device popular among people. Offering a slew of services for a monthly subscription. MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker works on 3G networks for peace of mind. The downloadable App for both Andoird and iOS also allow you to track device location, set a geo-fence around a school or your neighbor for your kids, as well as receive a daily driver’s report card to see how your kids handle the vehicle that day.

You will also find the route replay extremely useful which allows you to check your children’s driving routes for excessive speeding and harsh braking. With ODB support available, you can move the device from car to car for a family to track different vehicles in the course of a week.

  • Accurate
  • Easy-to-move
  • Monthly fee charged

GPS tracking device for cars

Bottom Line

These are the top 4 car tracking devices for your family members. That which one to choose replies on your needs. Different devices have different features. So, read carefully before picking one up.

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