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5 Popular Campsites for Kids in California

A camping trip is great and meaningful for kids. Pick one of your kids’ favorite places in the following 5 popular campsites for kids in California. It’s time to take children go outside and enjoy nature.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

Camping with kids definitely can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in their as well as your life.  Compared to sitting in the classroom, kids will learn more by spending time in the outdoors. When planning a camping, it is important to choose the right campsite. In the following, we list 5 popular campsites for kids in California, the United States. You can easily pick one of your kids’ favorite, and take them go outside and enjoy nature.

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is in Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and famous for giant sequoia trees, the iconic Half Dome, Bridalveil Fall and other spectacular landscapes. This is considered as one of the best campsites that kids can feel and enjoy beautiful nature completely.

You can choose a campsite from 13 options within Yosemite National Park: 4 are in the Yosemite Valley (where all the famous sites are Half Dome, El Capitan, Bridalveil Fall and Yosemite Falls), 5 are along Tioga Road and 4 are along Highway 120 & 140. Campsites inside Yosemite National Park are quite popular, and they accommodate camping trailers, tents and recreational vehicles.

Note that, advanced reservation required to camping in Yosemite National Park. Since the Yosemite campsite is well-liked, you’d better reserve several months in advance before your camping trip.

Yosemite National Park Camping.jpg

2. Silver Lake West 

Silver Lake West campsite is on the West side of highway 88 across from Silver Lake. The campsite is open from mid-May to mid-October during a year, and it’s a great option for going summer camping with your kids. Within walking distance of Silver Lake, you and your families can have very good views of the lake as well as rocks & trees.

Each campsite of Silver Lake West has a picnic table, a fire ring with grill and food storage locker. It’s a good idea to build a campfire and have a fabulous outdoor barbecue party. Along with the options of fishing and hiking, kids love this. Since Silver Lake West campsite is no reservation, you’ll be suggested to arrive early.

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Silver Lake West Camping.jpg

3. Joshua Tree National Park 

Joshua Tree National Park is a vast protected area in southern California, and it’s also the best place for kids to explore the rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Meanwhile, this is also one of the few campsites that fits for camping during the winter.  No need to worry about getting unbearably cold.

There are some excellent places to camp in the park, like Black Rock, Indian Cove, Hidden Valley, Sheep Pass, Belle and etc. If you and your kids like to rock climbing or hiking, Joshua Tree National Park have over 10 mountain peaks. Usually, all campsites in Joshua Tree National Park are on a first-come-first-served basis, so you can arrive early and improve the chance to get best campsite place.


4. Mount San Jacinto State Park

The place is near Idyllwild and within very short distance of the Mount San Jacinto. There are 4 special campsites in Mount San Jacinto State Park, and all of them are good family camping & hiking options. No facilities and treated water, so that can satisfy the needs of challenging wilderness camping with kids. Wilderness permits are required to enter the wilderness areas.

If you prefer a relaxing camping trip, you can easily choose from other campsites in Idyllwild, with tables, grills, toilets and other facilities. Pitch tents with kids, sit around the campfire, talk and laugh. Kids can also ride their bikes on the paved campsite road. The campsite is very popular for hikers, so don’t forget to make reservation before enjoying your family camping trip.

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Mount San Jacinto State Park.jpg

5. Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort

Located on the southwest side of Lake Siskiyou, this camp resort is one of the most popular campsites for families with kids in Northern California (region: Shasta and Trinity). The campsite faces Mount Shasta, and you will also be able to enjoy the panoramic views of majestic Shasta National Forest.  

In addition to the gorgeous natural scenery, Lake Siskiyou campsite has different kinds of recreation options, including boating, swimming, fishing, and there is a hiking trail around the Lake Siskiyou. No matter your kids want to sleep in tents, cabins or other accommodations, they are available in Lake Siskiyou campsite.

Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort.jpg

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