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When is the Best Time to go Camping of the Year?

When is the best time to go camping for the year for you? Read this guide to know the separate pros and cons of camping in each season.

By Thea | @Thea

Updated on Sep 12, 2019

When is the best time to go camping for the year? Which season do you prefer most? It has to be said that the answer to this question is variable and depending because different types of camping have its own fascinations and the scenery in different areas varies from season to season.

But, on the whole, each season will show some similarities when it comes to camping out there. Therefore, the follow-up text will summarize the apparent advantages and disadvantages of camping in each season. Then based on your own situation, you can easily choose the best time to go camping for yourself.

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Spring Camping

When gets into spring, everything comes back to life. The snow and ice melt, the trees sprouts, the flowers open… everything is new, even the air becoming fresh. People can't wait to say goodbye to winter and go to nature to feel spring. Thus, spring hill camping, spring valley camping, spring river camping, etc. become more and more popular. It’s hard to say that spring is the best time to go camping, but, it is the season that people most want to go out. Next, check out the pros and cons of spring camping.

Camping in the Spring.jpg

  • Spring blossoms bring a beautiful view
  • Climate warming
  • Fewer insects
  • Less busy campsites
  • Also low temperature
  • Easy to catch a cold

Notes for Spring Camping:

1. Pay attention to the weather and bring some warm clothes. Spring camping out there may encounter cold rain, fog, strong convection weather, and lightning weather, so you need to learn the local weather forecast in advance. The temperature is unstable, so keep your clothes warm enough to prevent you from catching a cold.

2. Watch out for the flu. It is easy to get infected with the flu in the spring, so pay attention to hygiene when going out, don't stay in places where people are crowded. Choose a place with fresh air quality, go mountain/hill camping, or going to the beach, forest, etc.

3. Bring rain gear. You know approaching the early spring, rain is inevitable. Accordingly, the rain gear is a must-have for spring camping, and it is best to bring a small folding umbrella or a disposable raincoat. When taking pictures or playing out there on a rainy day, avoid getting slip and fall, value safety first.

4. Use the fire properly. When going outdoors for camping in spring, if you’re going to have outdoor picnic barbecue out there, pay attention to the wind and do not discard fire in case of causing a fire.

5. Pay attention to pollen allergies. People with a history of allergies, should pay more attention to the selected spring camp spot, and try to avoid the place with flowers that will cause allergies.

6. Protect your camera. Spring is a good time for outdoor photography. Before you go on a ring camping trip, t's a good idea to check the performance of your camera, the battery should be full, and don't let the camera get wet.

Summer Camping

Most people think that summertime is the best camping time. According to the annual statistics of camping, summer is indeed the most popular season for camping which may due to kinds of reasons such as the weather is typically warm and dry, most campsites are very beautiful in summer, lots of summer fun activities and so on. Well, the downside of camping in summer is also obvious. Let’s check them out.

Camping in the Summer.jpg

  • Warm weather
  • Dry
  • Portable baggage
  • Long daytime
  • Better view at night
  • Numerous entertainment programs
  • Hot weather camping
  • Crowed campsite
  • Mosquitoes and wild animals abound
  • Getting sunburnt
  • Rainy

Notes for Summer Camping:

1. Know the weather. No matter which season you're camping in, as long as you are out, it is necessary to make sure you know what the weather will like when you go there.

2. Bring anti-mosquito items. There will be a lot of mosquitoes in the wild in summer, especially at night, so be sure to bring anti-mosquito items and pay attention to some wild animals like snakes.

3. Bring long sleeves and long pants. Although the temperature is relatively high in summer, it is basically cool at night in the wild. In order to avoid cold, you should bring long sleeves and long pants, which are helpful for avoiding mosquito bites and sun protection, as well as keep warm in the night.

4. Use fire more carefully. It is very easy to cause a fire in hot weather.

5. Pick a good campsite. Don't camp in areas prone to water accumulation like riverbeds, valleys, etc.

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Camping in the Fall

Autumn is also another good option for campers because it's cool, not too hot and not too cold, with beautiful views here and there. Additional, it is a great season for fishing. As a result, fall lake camping is increasingly popular.

Camping in the Fall.jpg

  • Cool-weather
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Fewer mosquitos
  • A good season for fishing
  • Changing weather
  • Easy to catch a cold

Notes for Autumn Camping:

1. Weather. Also, pay attention to the weather and get to know the forecast in advance

2. Bring warm gear. The temperature difference begins to get bigger. Be sure to bring thick clothes, warm sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mat.

3. Pay attention to avoid getting cold. Don't sit in a cool, damp place to avoid dampness.

4. Safety. If you plan to go mountain camping, pay attention to safety

Camping in the Winter

In recent years, especially in Europe and America, people also like to go camping in winter. Why? Because winter has beautiful scenery different from the other three seasons, and it is a season full of challenges. Camping in winter has more difficulties than other seasons, such as you need to overcome severe cold weather and worse outdoor conditions but which people think it is a good chance to exercise one's will and boost one’s self-confidence.

Camping in the Winter.jpg

  • No mosquitoes, no flies, snakes, etc.
  • Breathtaking views
  • Quieter
  • Cheaper
  • Cold and windy
  • Potential dangerous of snow
  • Hard to take a hot water shower
  • Short daytime

Notes for Winter Camping:

1. Weather. Similarly, know the weather conditions of the campsite you’re going to visit in advance.

2. Choose a good camp spot. Choose the location of the tent properly; choose a sheltered place to avoid the danger of avalanche.

3. Maintain moisture and ingest large amounts of calories. Proper nutrition and moisture can help you stay warm.

4. Use winter camping gear. You need a sturdy tent, a warm sleeping bag, two sleeping mats and a stove for low temperatures.

5. Wear warm clothing. Medium weight base layer, wool pants, fluffy jacket, waterproof jacket and pants are standard. Warm socks, hats, gloves, and sunglasses are also essential.

6. Prevention of cold injury. Frostbite and hypothermia are common problems during winter camping. Learn how to avoid them.

7. Snow removing. Bring some snow shoveling tools.

Winter is such a season that requires you to have the ingenuity and preparedness to ride out kinds of adventure. If you’re brave enough and get everything ready, then besides camping in winter, you can still have a try on snowshoeing, skiing, winter fishing, cycling, etc.

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The Bottom Line

Some people also ask questions like that when is the best time to go camping in Texas, in California, in New York, in Iceland, etc., that's more than we can say in a few words in this article. All in all, in a word, as long as the climate is ok to you, the scenery is the best, and it suits your time and plan, that is the best time for you.

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