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Best Solar Lanterns for Camping - Essential Camping Gear

In the following review, we introduce top 3 best solar lanterns for camping. So, you can find the best solar camping lantern to consider for your next outdoor trip.

By Niko | @mycoollife

Updated on Nov 21, 2019

It’s always exciting and cool to go outdoors, and don’t forget to bring along all the essentials for having a hassle-free and happy camping experience. In addition to tent, sleeping bag or survival kit these kinds of camping gears, you should also prepare at least 2 lights. Since it’s hard to have power supplies in the open air, you’ll need to consider solar camping lanterns. The product can not only light your tent up, but also acts as an emergency or portable light source.  

In the following, we introduce and review top 3 best solar lanterns for camping from all main aspects. Read to find the best solar camping lantern for your next camping trip.


AGPTEK Solar Lantern - 5 Charging Modes and 2 Brightness Modes

Built in the Polysilicon solar panels, this AGPTEK solar lantern is perfect for camping, fishing or any other outdoor activity. It can even help when you are repairing.

Compared to some other camping lanterns, AGPTEK is well-designed with 36 high brightness LEDs for operation life up to 10 thousand hours. As the result, it’s more power-saving and much more brighter. According to the provider, with just 1 single minute of cranking at around 120 rpm, this camping solar lantern can offer you light supply for 20 minutes.

You can choose between 2 brightness modes: super bright mode (for extended vision or to share) and bright mode (for reading and more normal activity).

Besides the solar powered method, the camping lantern supports another 4 charging methods, including Crank Dynamo, auto lighter adapter, AA battery and AC adapter. With 5 modes available, you will be ensured plenty of options and maximum convenience while camping.

Generally, AGPTEK solar lantern is feature-rich and affordable (now $22.99 on Amazon), it definitely can be considered as one of the best solar lanterns for camping.

AGPTEK Solar Lantern 1.jpeg

LuminAID Solar Lanterns - Waterproof and Multi-Colored Options

Have you even imagined that a lantern can be folded and brought to anywhere? This time, LuminAID, the high-performing, pack-flat and waterproof solar lantern, can guarantee you a bright and happy camping trip.

This best solar lantern for camping can pack flat to under an inch thick, but expand into full sized. The camping lights are 100% waterproof, so no need to worry about beach, river, rain or wet weather. Let’s go back to the lights. Choose from a selection of lanterns that shine at up to 50 to 75 lumens of bright LED light, and range between 12  to 50 hours of light on a single charge. LuminAID lanterns can be recharged in the sun directly. Or the camping lantern has a USB input included, so you can charge via USB source as well.

One feature that needs to be mentioned. LuminAID solar lantern can have different light colors. That’s really cool, and brings you and your friends different atmospheres in the outdoor. The PackLite Nova USB one is the bright solar lantern, while the PackLite Spectra USB one is multi-colored.

Taking its features into account, we can find that LuminAID solar lantern is great for outdoor or indoor activities. No matter you plan a family camping or hiking trip with children or have a party in the pool, LuminAID solar lantern is always a perfect option.

LuminAID Solar Lanterns.jpg

Kizen LED Lantern - Cheap Solar Lantern for Camping

If the budget is your top concern, ok, this LED solar lantern from Kizen is definitely the best option for the price. As one of the best solar lanterns for camping (it’s also perfect for other outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking). The price starts from only $16.95 on Amazon.

This product uses solar energy to recharge a built-in battery and offers a portable LED source of light. It also features with a USB port, which can be used to charge up your phone enough for making emergency call. Quite helpful especially when you are camping in the forest or mountains. The full extended lantern has 3 light modes: High, Low, and SOS for emergencies. When folded, it can also be used as a powerful flashlight.

If you are going with Kizen solar lantern for camping, then you will have more space for other gears. That’s because the camping solar lantern when full folded in 2.4x smaller from its full size, and barely larger than a hockey puck. Even better, the Kizen solar lantern has you covered, whatever the weather conditions: rain, shine, hot or cold you confront with.


Kizen LED Lantern.jpg

There is no need to search online over and over again. Many camping solar lanterns offer pretty much similar features, and 3 best solar camping lanterns I reviewed above covered almost all aspects. Whether you need solar lanterns for camping with multiple charging methods, multi-colored, waterproof feature, pack-flat or affordable price, simply make your choice in the top 3 best solar lanterns for camping.

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