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7 Exciting Beach Games for Kids – Enjoy Your Holiday on the Beach

Here are 7 exciting beach games for kids to help your kids have fun on the beach and have a memorable beach vacation.

By Lane | @Lane

Updated on Dec 13, 2019

Beach holiday is one of the best family trips in summer. Sand and water are a combination that invites kids to play and trigger the imagination to create fabulous, undirected games and activities. It is a challenge to plan creative and fun games and activities at the beach for kids. To make the beach holiday more awesome, we show you a list of exciting beach games for kids that will keep your kids entertained. 

1: Treasure Hunt

It is one of the best beach games for kids with clues and rewards that are popular with children. This game will develop the kids’ leadership, teamwork and detective skills.

beach games for kids

What you need:

  • Pieces of paper to write clues on

  • Treasure (chocolate, coins or toy)

How to play:

  • Hide the treasure in some places.

  • Write clues on pieces of paper and hide them in different places. Each place can have a treasure.

  • Divide the children into two groups.

  • Give both groups a starting clue.

  • Supervise them while they play.

2: Bury a Friend

This is an easy-to-play and fun game to play on the beach. 

best beach games for kids

What you need:

  • A beach bucket

  • Plastic shovel

  • Beach goggles

  • A timer

How to play:

  • Let your kids dig a horizontal hole in the sand with a beach bucket and a plastic shovel.

  • Make the hole size large enough to bury someone.

  • Once enough sand is dug up, one player must enter the hole. Make sure the player wears beach goggles to keep sand out of their eyes.

  • Player 1 will start burying player 2 with only their hands.

  • The challenge is to see if enough sand has been dug up to bury player 2 around his or her neck.

  • Schedule time to make the game more fun.

  • Let player 2 repeat the same operation to see who can finish the operation in the shortest time.

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3: Tug-of-War

This beach game is great for the beach because it needs a lot of space for families and kids to play. It will develop the teamwork and physical motor skills for your kids.

beach games for kids 

What you need:

  • A rope

  • A towel

How to play:

  • Tie the towel to the center of the rope.

  • Draw a line in the sand.

  • Divide the children into two groups.

  • Both groups should try to pull a member to the other side of the team.

  • Once members cross the line, they join another team.

  • The last group standing wins.

4: Sand Castle Contest

This is one of the must-play best beach games for kids at the beach. It can develop sportsmanship and creativity skills.

What you need:

  • Sand shovel

  • Sand Buckets

How to play:

  • Give your child a time limit.

  • Within the time limit, they must build a sandcastle.

  • The man who builds the best castle wins.

5: How Low Can You Go

This game is perfect for your children to play at the beach. It develops flexibility and body coordination skills for the kids.

beach games for kids 

What you need:

  • A long stick or pole

  • One music player

How to play:

  • Two kids hold either end of the pole.

  • Play music.

  • The children must bend backward while walking under the pole without touching it.

  • The pole should go lower at the end of each group.

  • If the kids cannot do it while bending backward, they are eliminated.

  • The last kid standing is the winner.

6: Bounce Race

It is another easy to play and fun game that can be played on the beach, which will keep your child both engaged and active. This beach game will develop body balance and physical fitness.

beach games for kids 

What you need:

  • A big beach ball

  • A whistle

How to play:

  • Have each kid sit on a beach ball.

  • Draw a line in the sand about a hundred meters forward.

  • Get kids ready to bounce across the finish line.

  • Blow the whistle to get them started.

  • The kids who across the finish line first wins

7: Beach Football

Your kids will like this game for sure. It is one of the beach ball games for kids.

beach ball games for kids 

What you need:

  • Poles

  • Beach ball

  • Nets

  • Whistle

How to play:

  • Set pole positions for each team. 

  • Use a beach ball instead of regular soccer.

  • Carry your nets as the goalposts.

  • Players must score a goal by hitting the ball into the other team's net.

  • Each team has its goalkeeper to prevent the attacking team from passing the ball in front of the goal.

  • The team with the highest score wins the game.

The Bottom Line

Plan kids beach games as many variations as you can to help your kids enjoy themselves on the beach. Beach games can also develop essential skills and create lasting memories. Make sure that your kids bring everything you need to the beach, including sunscreen, plenty of water and follow all the safety rules. Besides, it is ideal for kids to bring an outdoor GPS tracker to stay in touch with parents. For that, GoFindMe GPS tracker is a good choice. It is a real-time GPS tracking device that can work without cell service.

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