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[2019] 7 Essential Tips for Skiing with A Toddler for the First Time

Are you going to ski with a toddler? Here are the 7 essential tips for skiing with toddlers for the first time to help you enjoy the ski vacation with your young children.

By Lane | @Lane

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

Tips for Skiing with A Toddler

Can you go skiing with a toddler? The answer is definitely yes. Your young children will experience the thrill of skiing and learn to improve their concentration, develop their motorskills and balance. Besides, young children often learn new skills quicker than older children and adults. But it is a challenge for parents to plan and execute a ski vacation with toddlers. Here are the 7 essential tips for skiing with a toddler for the first time. 

1. Prepare Your Toddler before You Go

Before heading out to the ski resort, prepare your young children. This is necessary because toddlers are scared to try new things and it is particularly important if your young children haven’t seen snow. Show them some videos of kids skiing and look at maps or mountain cams of the ski resort you are going to. Talk to them about snow and what you will do, see and feel on the ski vacation.

2. Select the Ski Resort that Fits Young Children

If you are going to ski with toddlers, you can choose the smaller resorts. The logistics of smaller resorts are easier all around than the larger mountains. There is less walking and carrying of gear to the lifts and the lines are shorter. Besides, the prices are more reasonable and you will not waste a lot of money if your children have no interest in skiing after a try. Some ski resorts are better for children if there are childcare or amusement arcades which are fun for children.

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3. Pick the Convenient Ski Lodging

Skiing with a toddler will involve a lot of logistics, so you’d better pick a convenient lodging to store those logistics. As we all known, the hotels near the ski-in and ski-out are the best options because you don’t have to walk too far to the slopes with a toddler in tow, but those prices are expensive. Check resort maps to see which hotel is the best choice within your budget. 

4. Check Ski School Ages

Unless you are a ski instructor, you’d better let someone else teach your toddler how to ski. The ski school instructor know how to make skiing fun and children often have more patience, better behavior and learn more quickly with stranger than they will with parent. Check the ages that ski resorts accept. Some resorts accept children as young as 3 years old and some won’t accept kids until age 4 or later. 

5. Play Snow before Skiing

 Tips for Skiing with A Toddler

When you arrive the ski resort, put on your toddler all the ski gear and make some time to allow them to get used to the cold weather and snow. This snow prep will make the later skiing in the snow less unfamiliar and frightening.

6. Ensure Adequate Sleep

Skiing and playing in the snow can be exhausting even for the adults, so prepare for the fact that the experience may exhaust your toddler too. Ensuring adequate sleep time including naps and bedtimes is especially important for your children. 

7. Packing list for A Ski Vacation with A Toddler

Preparing the right skiing gear with a toddler is the first step to make your ski trip successful. Here is the packing list you need to prepare if you are going to ski with a toddler for the first time.

 Snowsuit: The suitable snowsuit can keep your toddler warm and dry.

• Snowboots: Snow shoes for a toddler are as important as the snowsuit to keep their feet warm, especially if they’re going to be sledding or sitting around and not moving much. 

• Helmet: The ski helmet can protect your toddler’s head. 

• Glasses or goggles: Eye protection is necessary in the snow where eyes are vulnerable to glare. Goggles are much more practical and comfortable when wearing a helmet. If you think the goggles are expensive, choose the wraparound sunglasses instead.

Tips for Skiing with A Toddler 

• Mittens and gloves: They will protect children’s fingers from the cold. Select the right size gloves for your kids. If the mittens or gloves are too big, your children are not able to grab anything when they’re at ski school.

• Neck warmer: The neck is a sensitive area that needs to be well protected from the wind and cold. So wear a scarf or neckwarmer to keep their neck warm. 

 Sun cream and lip balm: Wear a children’s sun cream to their face every morning to avoid sun burn. Also putting lip balm on your toddler because the cold weather may give them chapped lips. 

• Packets of tissues: Toddler plus cold weather equals a snotty nosed child, so prepare ahead with several little packets of tissues tucked in your skiwear pockets. 

The Bottom Line

These are the 7 essential tips for skiing with a toddler for the first time. Hope these can help you enjoy your ski trip with your toddler. If you have any questions or have other tips from your own experience, please share!

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