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5 Types of Healthy Road Trip Snacks for a Happy Traveling

You must plan ahead for healthy road trip snacks as convenience stores always offer options that make eating unhealthy. Just check the following healthy road trip snacks and do cover your food on protein, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and drinks.

By Joy | @Joy

Updated on Aug 05, 2019

If you don't plan ahead for healthy road trip snacks, you may end up walking around in circles at roadside stores as gas stations, convenience stores and fast food chains offer options that make eating unhealthy on the road and leave your body completely devoid of any nutrients. What should you eat if your body is already running on low energy?  Don’t worry. We list some healthy foods that will make you feel full and nourished on your long family road trip.

 5 Types of Healthy Road Trip Snacks

5 Types of Healthy Road Trip Snacks

In general, the healthier you snack, the more you can enjoy your trip. When you provide your body with the nutrients it wants and needs, it will give you the energy and happiness you want and need so that you can fully enjoy your journey or play the road trip games. Remember to cover your food on protein, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, drinks, etc. Just check the following 5 types of healthy road trip snacks and pack them into single serving baggies in advance.


Why you feel so hungry before you reach the next exit even if you eat some carbohydrates? One reason is that the quality of carbs is not very good, and the other is that protein is the key to road trip satiation. See the list below.

Cheese: string cheese or other individually wrapped cheese.

Yogurt: make your own or look for higher fat versions with less sugar.

Roasted edamame or chickpeas: bake some edamame or chickpeas with your favorite sauce to make a crispy, flavorful and healthy road trip snacks packed with lean protein.

Nuts and seeds: try a variety of salt-free mixtures, like almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans or look for unsalted options like pumpkin seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, and pistachios. Individually-packed coconut butter and almond butter are also great for your trips.

Energy bars: bring a minimally processed bar made from nuts, seeds and dried fruit, like KIND bar. Or make some granola bars or date bites at home before you leave.

Jerky: try beef, turkey, chicken or fish.

Pouches of tuna: it can be eaten as is or used to dress up your salads or bread.

Protein powder: bring in a ziplock or buy single-serving packets and then add to plain oatmeal or shake well with water.

Hard-boiled eggs

Low-sodium cold cuts

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Nothing is healthier than fruits. However, you need to be selective as some of them don't pack well. You can prepare for your delicious fruits by following the tips below.

Fresh fruit: if you're squeamish about fruit touching anything else in your bag, just choose something with a peel like apple or pear. Or you can keep the washed fruit in the resealable bag or container.

Dried or freeze-dried fruit: look for some dried fruits without anything added, such as no sugar, no flavor, no color, no preservatives. Then place portions in single-serving bags to avoid overeating.

Fruit and seed bars: the gluten-free bars like KIND pressed bars are made of just fruits, vegetables and overgrown seeds. There is no real substitute for fresh fruit, but these bars are a convenient way to help you fill the void as each offers two servings of fruit.

 2019 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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We strongly recommend you bring some vegetables that can’t be messy. For instance, avoid packing juicy veggies you just bought from the farmer’s market or bringing anything that bruises easily.

Sliced fresh vegetables: bring your own or find them at grocery or convenience stores. Carrot and celery slices can be a classic combo.

Freeze-dried vegetables: just choose the products with simple ingredients by checking its labels. Ideally, you just need vegetables and maybe a little oil or sea salt.

Vegetable juice: fresh is the best, but bottles like low-sodium V8 juice are good for pinching.

Salad: remember to include protein and limit the high-calorie additives such as cheese, avocados, nuts and dried fruits.

Soups: broths-based soups are helpful to boost your intake. 

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 5 Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Healthy fats 

Don’t forget to pack something with healthy fats so that you can get enough energy to easily make through your long road trip. Here we list 3 options for your reference.

Avocado: cut it in half with a knife and eat the flesh out of the skin with a spoon. To control calories, eat a 125-calorie snack packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, fiber, and potassium with a traveling companion. 

Single-serving packs of olive bales: it will provide you with a satisfying monounsaturated fat as it is only a 50-calories snack.

Single-serving packs of chia seeds or ground flaxseed: they're an easy way to add fiber and texture to yogurt and oatmeal.


All of the salty snacks can make you thirsty. Hydration is quite important for people as mild dehydration can be mistaken for hunger and will make you feel sluggish. You can drink plenty of water and soda, but drink coffee more slowly, because too much caffeine can dehydrate you and make you feel like you need to urinate every 10 minutes.

Bottom Line:

To enjoy a happy and healthy journey, remember to pack some healthy road trip snacks. If you are sitting in a car for a long time, you’d better pack an insulated lunch bag or cooler with cold packs to keep the food temperature in a safe area. If your trip lasts more than a few days, buy ice at the gas station and store them in a ziplock bag.

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