5 Popular Garmin Handheld GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is an essential gadget for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. We list 5 popular Garmin handheld GPS trackers in this article, and let’s see how to choose the best handheld GPS tracker.

No matter for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, a handheld GPS tracker must be on your checklist. GPS tracker is very useful, and it helps you quickly find your way or the locations of your friends, if there is any emergency. We list 5 popular handheld GPS trackers from Garmin in the following, and also outline their pros and cons. Let’s check one by one.

Highlights Price & Rate Read More
Garmin eTrex 20x
  • small GPS unit
  • cheap price
  • Price: $199.99
  • Rate:
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Montana 680
  • touchscreen display
  • auto focus camera
  • Price:$459.99
  • Rate:
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  • lightweight GPS
  • Smart Notification
  • Price:$349.99
  • Rate:
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Oregon 650t
  • multi-touch screen
  • dual battery system
  • Price:$549.99
  • Rate:
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Rino 750
  • 5W two-way radio
  • weather forecasts
  • Price:$549.99
  • Rate:
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5 Popular Garmin Handheld GPS Trackers

1 Garmin eTrex 20x Price: $199.99

Garmin eTrex 20x is one of the most popular handheld GPS trackers with upgraded screen resolution and internal memory, compared with the previous version of eTrex 20. It is equipped with a 2.2-inch screen with color display and 240 x 320 display pixels. Even in full sunlight condition, Garmin eTrex 20x still has high readability.

For this small handheld GPS tracker, you’ll get up to 3.7GB of memory (microSD card enabled) to hold more maps. Garmin eTrex 20x uses a HotFix satellite prediction & WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, and tracks both GPS and CLONASS at the same time, which makes 20% faster and more precise than using GPS alone.

Overall, Garmin eTrex 20x has high price value, and can be used on bicycles, cars, boats, ATVs and etc. without problem. If you are looking for an affordable, small handheld GPS track unit, go get Garmin eTrex 20x.

save up to 200 tracks, 10,000 points
automatic routing
25 hours of battery life
custom maps compatible
preloaded basemap
no barometric altimeter
no electronic compass
no wireless share technology support

2 Garmin Montana 680 Price: $459.99 (on Amazon)

Garmin Montana 680 features with a glove-friendly touchscreen display (4-inch dual-orientation, 272x480 pixels). Actually, one of the greatest functions of Montana 680 is its 8 megapixel auto focus camera. The camera helps you take high-quality pictures, and geotag images with coordinates automatically.

Additionally, Garmin Montana 680 handheld GPS tracker includes a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription, which allows you to get a true representation of your surroundings. This time, no longer need to enter coordinates manually, Montana 680 supports uploading geocaching GPX files from Geocaching.com.

Garmin Montana 680 is one of the most powerful handheld GPS trackers and it offers many outstanding features. While compared to many other handheld GPS units, it’s a little bit large and heavy, and expensive. But if you are an experienced outdoorman who have enough budgets, and are looking for a durable handheld GPS tracker, Garmin Montana 680 is recommended.

glove-friendly touchscreen display and 8-megapixel camera
1-year BirdsEye satellite imagery subscription
both GPS and GLONASS satellite track support
3-axis compass with barometric altimeter
mark up to 4,000 waypoints
share tracks, geocaches, routes and waypoints wirelessly
dual battery system: rechargeable lithium-ion pack or traditional AA batteries
the touchscreen has no zooming and pinching supports
lithium battery lasts around 12 hours only

3 Garmin GPSMAP 64st Price: $349.99

Garmin GPSMAP 64st is full-featured with high-sensitivity GLONASS & GPS receiver with quad helix antenna. Even you are surrounded by tall buildings or in heavy cover, it ensures superior reception.

You are able to take advantages of its 2.6-inch sunlight-readable color screen and built-in world-wide basemap. Besides, GPSMAP 64st is preloaded with 250,000 geocaches as well as 100,000 maps from TOPO.US (or TOPO Ca.). With its 8GB internal memory and microSD card slot, you can download or add more maps conveniently.

Compared with many other handheld GPS trackers, GPSMAP 64st has a very obvious and useful feature - Smart Notification. Based on this, you will be able to receive texts, emails and alerts from your mobile phone wirelessly.

According to the feedback of its users, Garmin GPSMAP 64st acquires signal quickly. Generally, this handheld GPS tracker is suitable for your outdoor pursuits.

lightweight: 8.1 oz (230 g) with batteries, and it’s very easy to carry
high-sensitivity GLONASS & GPS
preloaded TOPO.US. (CA) maps
1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery
Smart Notification, wireless connectivity through ANT or Bluetooth
3-axis compass with barometric altimeter
no camera
battery life is not as good as it promises
manual only contains the most basic information

4 Garmin Oregon 650t Price: $549.99

Garmin Oregon 650t is a popular handheld GPS tracker option with more useful features & power for hiking and other outdoor activities. This handheld GPS tracker is equipped with one of the best screens that Garmin has offered, 3-inch sunlight-readable multi-touch screen display with dual orientation. It’s still easy to read in bright sunlight, or even when you wear sunglasses.

Its 8MP digital camera is also improved with autofocus, zoom and flash/torch, so you can take quality and geotagged photos. Another reason why many people choose this handheld GPS tracker is the double power. Garmin Oregon 650t features outstanding dual battery system: traditional AA batteries or internally rechargeable NiMH pack (last about 16 hours).

For a small screen handheld GPS tracker which with $549 tag, it’s a quite massive investment. Truly, many Garmin Oregon 650t buyers are satisfied with its screen and display. But if you take both its price and features into consideration, you can have a better handheld GPS tracker option.

3-inch multi-touch screen with dual orientation
digital zoom camera with flash
GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking, preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps
built-in 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer tilt compensation
wireless compatible
hold up to 4 million geocaches (almost all of them)
dual battery system
expensive (the discounted price is $549.99)
pre-loaded maps were limited
occasional software or location update problems

5 Garmin Rino 750 Price: $549.99

The 5W GMRS two-way radio feature is one of the main reasons why people buy Garmin Rino 750. The two-way radio ensures up to 20 miles extended range, and you are able to communicate with other Rino users by texts or voice. And besides, Rino 750 features Position Reporting allowing you to share locations with other Rino users on the same channel, in case of any emergency.

Garmin Rino 750 offers other useful features, such as GPS & GLONASS satellite reception, 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen with portrait & landscape view, dual battery system, weather forecasts & track in real-time and more.

Garmin Rino 750 is suitable especially for hunting or exploring. This handheld GPS tracking device’s features and battery work well. According to users, even in the large expanses of forests, Garmin Rino 750 enables them to coordinate hunts or teammates quickly and precisely.

two-way radio and position reporting
GPS and GLONASS for tracking in more challenging environments
text or voice communication, Smart Notifications
wireless connectivity
real-time weather forecast feature
charge from USB power source
no camera
software is a bit slow and clunky sometimes

How to Choose Your Handheld GPS Tracker?

There are many handheld GPS tracker products available in the marketplace, and it makes quite difficult for you to choose the suitable one. Check the following list, and learn what to look in when choosing your handheld GPS tracker.

*Since everyone’s needs are different, here we list some common features of handheld GPS tracker that you have to take into consideration.

The Durability of Handheld GPS Tracker

In most cases, a handheld GPS tracker is used in extreme climatic conditions, so it’s important to choose a durable device. For example, if you plan to go hiking or camping, you’d better choose a handheld GPS tracker with waterproof material, dealing with rainy or snowy days. And a durable GPS tracker can greatly cope with high temperature weather and rugged geographical circumstance.

Satellite Access

In general, the more satellites your handheld GPS tracker can access, the most accurate your GPS signal will be. If a handheld GPS tracking device features with both GPS (US) and GLONASS (Russia) receiver, the largest two networks, then it gets superior satellite reception and can ensure you better tracking accuracy.


Usually, a handheld GPS tracker will preload a basemap, however, a simple built-in basemap sometimes cannot meet your needs. When choosing your handheld GPS tracker, you have to consider if this device includes full-fledged TOPO map options, or allows you to add other custom or downloadable maps.

Barometric Altimeter & Electronic Compass

A high-quality handheld GPS tracker usually has barometric altimeter and electronic compass preloaded. A barometric altimeter is capable of zeroing in on your exact altitude. And an electronic compass shows you the exact directions without moving around.

Battery Type & Life

Battery life is definitely an important factor that you need to take into account when choosing your handheld GPS tracker. When your GPS tracking device battery runs out of power, things become harder that you may not be able to see the surrounding geographical conditions exactly or easily get lost in the wild.
Most handheld GPS trackers are equipped with AA batteries by default, while more and more producers have already turned to rechargeable battery packs, allowing users to recharge on the go.
We recommend you to choose the handheld GPS tracker with a dual battery system that can ensure a long battery life. Besides, some settings like switching to a short time timeout or dimming the backlight help extend the battery life of your handheld GPS tracker.

According to your personal preference, there are some other handheld GPS tracker features to look into, such as wireless connectivity support (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth); memory; touchscreen or buttons; digital camera; geocaching options (popular pastime in the United States) and etc.

Recommendation: Off-Grid GPS Tracker for Outdoors

When comes to choosing your GPS tracker, the first thing to figure out is what type of GPS tracker you actually need. In addition to the handheld GPS unit, there are another 2 GPS tracker types available in the marketplace today: smartphone GPS and off-grid GPS tracker.

Smartphone GPS

It’s believe that the convenience is the biggest reason why you use smartphone GPS. Your smartphone is the stuff that you carry at all times. Indeed, its built-in GPS map is convenient to navigate your way by car or foot through the city.
But when you’re in the wild or in the mountains where no Wi-Fi or cell networks cover, the smartphone GPS is almost useless.

Off-Grid GPS Tracker

Off-grid GPS tracker is the best solution that is cheaper than a handheld GPS unit and is more useful than your smartphone GPS. Here, we recommend you GoFindMe, a reliable off-grid GPS tracker for outdoors.
Based on the long-range radio technology, GoFindMe GPS Tracker gathers you and other users in a private network. You are able to directly send text or voice messages in a group within the App, without relying on Wi-Fi or cellular data, more importantly, no monthly fee.
Compared with handheld GPS trackers which are quite heavy and bulky normally, GoFindMe GPS tracking device comes with very small size that can be easily attached to your backpacks or other equipments. See other advantages of GoFindMe:

  • Real-Time Location and Distance:share the locations and distances in real time with other teammates on maps in the App
  • SOS Button for Emergency: once you press the SOS button on GoFindMe, all your teammates can get your SOS alert and location information
  • Geo-Fence:set geo-fence on maps to track people or pets easily, making sure they are safe at all times.
  • Long Battery Life: guarantees up to 48 hours of battery life on a single charge

If you think handheld GPS tracker is too expensive for your budget, and are looking for an affordable but reliable alternative GPS tracking solution for hiking, camping, hunting, any other outdoor activities or family uses, get GoFindMe.

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